Every unique player which enters a ship will add 2 EGC to the jackpot.
The players of the winning team will divide the total EGC jackpot evenly.

Players can donate to the jackpot with !jp.d a:<amount>

Players can challenge someone else to donate to the jackpot. If the person accepts, the challenger will pay the amount he challenged for and so will the challenged person. Once it is accepted, there are no refunds or reimbursements.

This can be done so using: !jp.ch n:<name> a:<amount>

Challengees have one minute to respond, if they don’t challenge is closed.
To accept a challenge: !jp.ca
To reject a challenge: !jp.cr
1 person can be involved in 1 challenge at a time (to prevent spam and abuse)

See the current JP in points and EGC pot with !jp.c

We use to give out prizes to the winning team, like 150 bty for highest rated etc. It was only given out if JP was 5 mil or higher. However, now every win we giving out those prizes automated.

Buy Slots
Similar to the ones we had before, but with a little bit of a change.
Previously you could buy a slot for 24 hours. You would receive the prize every spawn.
Now you can subscribe on a slot. You will pay every spawn for the item.
There is no expiration date, you have to unsubscribe yourself from the slot if you no longer want it on each spawn.

To see a list of buyable slots: !buy.sl
To Subscribe: !buy.s <slot item>
To Unsubscribe: !buy.sr <slot item>

If you buy more than one, you must unsubscribe from each one individually.

New Shut Up Module
If you are punished using the new !shutup command, you will have to work it off by actively playing in pub. Sitting in spec watching the clock won’t help ya with this version. :twisted:

Quick Win
We’ll soon be adding (this is in testing and not yet implemented on the main bots) new code to stop quickwins. What it will do is essentially nuet the very last flag that was supposed to drop. So far it works great and we’re optimistic.

Let me know if you guys have questions. Thanks!