Server Commands

Prize Numbers

  • Prized can be granted by typing *prize #[number] to an arena, or to a specific player by private messaging them the same command.
  • You can give out negitive prizes by using a negative sign. In example : *prize #-1 takes one level away from player(s) of recharge. Or if you do *prize #-13 it gives player(s) an energy decrease green, and *prize #-14 will cancel engine shutdown.
Prize # Description
#1 Recharge
#2 Energy
#3 Rotation
#4 Stealth
#5 Cloak
#6 Xradar
#7 Warp
#8 Guns
#9 Bombs
#10 Bouncing Bullets
#11 Thruster
#12 Top Speed
#13 Full Charge
#14 Engine Shutdown
#15 MultiFire
#16 Proximity
#17 Super!
#18 Shields
#19 Shrapnel
#20 AntiWarp
#21 Repel
#22 Burst
#23 Decoy
#24 Thor
#25 Multiprize
#26 Brick
#27 Rocket
#28 Portal

Sound Effects Numbers

  • Use these by typing a percent sign and then the sound number. In example typing %5 will trigger the “Hallelujah!” sound effect in the arena you’re currently in.

Sound Effects Numbers

Sound % Description
% 1 BEEP!
% 2 BEEP!
% 3 You?re not dealing with AT&T
% 4 Due to some violent content, parental discretion is advised
% 5 Hallelujah
% 6 Ronald Reagan
% 7 Inconceivable
% 8 Winston Churchill
% 9 Listen to me, you pebble farting snot licker
% 10 Crying
% 11 Burp
% 12 Girl
% 13 Scream
% 14 Fart1
% 15 Fart2
% 16 Phone ring
% 17 The world is under attack at this very moment
% 18 Gibberish
% 19 Ooooo
% 20 Geeee
% 21 Ohhhh
% 22 Awwww
% 23 This game sucks
% 24 Sheep
% 25 I can?t log in!
% 26 Beep
% 100 Start music playing
% 101 Stop music
% 102 Play music for 1 iteration then stop
% 103 Victory bell
% 104 Goal!


Command Description
?usage displays your current usage information
?sheep display sheep message and play sheep sound
?buy displays list of things which can be bought
?buy buys the specified item, ex ?buy repel
?userid displays your unique user id
?owner displays name of arena owner (see server.cfg Owner:Name)
?packetloss displays your current packetloss percentages
?getsettings if you own the arena or have sysop powers, this allows you to change settings (same as ESC-C)
?setlevel if you own the arena or are a sysop, allows you to change the level/map
?arena displays list of public arenas (private ones too if you are sysop)
?time displays amount of time remaining in current game (timed games)
?crown displays how many kills you have left/need for a crown
?chat[=name] set your chat channel to ‘name’ ex ?chat=omega
?best displays your personal best in timed games
?flags displays who is carrying flags
?team displays team-mates of player ticked in stat box
?score show score in a soccer game
?ignore [who] ignores ticked player or ‘who’ if specified
?log [filename] logs all messagse to file specified (default name used if not). type ?log again to stop logging of messages
?target[=x] sets your target bounty
?status displays status of your ship
?kill causes kill messages to be logged to message area
?ping displays your round-trip ping time to the server
?savemap [name.bmp] saves a bitmap of current map to specified file (default name used if not)
?go [name] go to next public arena, or a private arena if ‘name’ specified
?lines[=xxx] show/set number of message lines
?zone [zone name] tell you which zone you are in or take you to specified zone (RZE Running Zone East, etc…)
?spec display a list of who is specating you
?password=pw Change your personal password to pw
?squadjoin=name:password Join an existing squad
?squadcreate=name:password Create a new squad
?squadleave Leave your existing squad
?squaddissolve Completely get rid of squad
?squadpassword=pw Change squad password to pw
?squadkick=playername Kick playername off of squad
?away [message] Sets/clears an away message
?lines[=x] sets number of displayed message lines
?namelen[=x] sets length of name portion in message area
?music[=x] sets music volume (0 to 10)
?loadmacro load message macros
?savemacro save message macros
?setsettings used to upload a modifed .set file (as downloaded via ?getsettings) — not recommended method…
?recycle allows arena owner to recycle the arena
?cheater (name) sends message to all online mods/smods/sysops and people logged into BanG (version 1.34.3 or higher. Or connected to bang)
?getnews downloads news.txt to your SS folder (version 1.34.2 or higher)
?scorereset Scoreresets yourself (version 1.34.4 or higher)
?lag Will display both ping and ploss at once (version 1.34.5 or higher)
?squadowner (squad name) tells owner of squad
?squadgrant (player name) gives ownership to that player
?squad (player name) tells you what squad they are currently in
?find (player name) tells you what zone they are in or not online
?get X:Y get a setting in .cfg in section X, varible Y
?set X:Y:Z set a setting in .cfg in section X, varible Y, setting Z
?obscene toggles if you view obscene messages or not
?getfile [filename] same as sysop’s *getfile (version 1.34.5 or higher)
?putfile [filename] same as sysop’s *putfile (version 1.34.5 or higher)
?squadlist lists all players on your squad (squadowner only command, SSC billing only)
?sound[=x] change’s ingame sounds (Continuum)
?enter toggles player entering arena msgs in middle/chat/no where (Continuum)
?leave toggles player leaving arena msgs in middle/chat/no where (Continuum)
?logbuffer [filename] starts a log, and will include all messages you have received since you logged into zone (Continuum)
?message name:message leave a message to that player (SSC Billing only)
?messages read all messages sent to you (SSC Billing only)
?nopubchat toggles viewing public messages (Continuum .37)



Command Description
%red name(bty:flags) of nearest enemy flag carrier
%redname name of nearest enemy flag carrier
%redbounty bounty of nearest enemy flag carrier
%redflags number of flags of nearest enemy flag carrier
%tickname ticked name
%selfname your name
%squad your squad
%freq your frequency
%bounty your bounty
%flags your flag count
%energy your energy
%shield your shield time
%super your super time
%killer last person to kill you
%killed last person you killed
%coord your coords (IE: A4, J12)
%area your area (ie: Upper-Right, Middle)

Moderator Commands

Command Description
*arena Send message to this arena
*permit Permit person to enter restricted zone
*revoke revoke permission to enter restricted zone
*beginlog [text] begin logging game session (put text at top of log)
*endlog end logging game session (will auto send log file to you)
*shipreset reset all ships to 0 bounty, sent privately, resets ship of person sent to
*scorereset sent privately, sets players stats to zero sent publicly, reset score off all players in zone
*flagreset resets the flag game
*timereset resets timer on timed game
*banner turns on your banner (despite point requirements)
*lock locks game so nobody can enter (toggle)(everybody put in spectator mode)
*lockspec toggles the *lock**’s to effect only spectators or everyone.
*lockteam locks team messages (the ” ones)
*lockprivate locks private messages (the / and :: ones)
*lockpublic locks public messages (good for no-blue matches)
*lockchat locks chat messages (the ; type)
*lockall locks all messages (public, priv, etc)
*timer start a timer going (notifies players periodically)
*kill [minutes] sent privately, kicks player off (for specified minutes optionally)
*shutup sent privately, prevents person from being able to talk (watch out, if you do this to yourself, you can’t undo unless you exit game and re-enter)
*spec sent privately, forces specified player into spec mode (locks him there too)
*specall send publicly, specs everyone. Doesn’t lock them there. Can’t spec people with higher level (version 1.34.3 or higher)
*setship # sent privately, sets players ship to #, can’t do to higher level (1 – 8) (version 1.34.2 or higher)
*setfreq #### sent privately, sets players freq to #, can’t do to higher level (0 – 9999) (version 1.34.2 or higher)
*locate (name) if player is in zone, tells you which arena (version 1.34.2 or higher)
*watchgreen As long as that player stays in that arena, you can see every green he gets (priv) (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*listban Will display all people banned by *kill, and their time (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*removeban (ID#) Will remove machineID# ban by *kill (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*packetloss Will display to you player’s Packetloss -REMOVED- (version 1.34.5 pre-release)
*lag Will show player’s Ploss and Ping (version 1.34.5 or higher, .6 and higher have weapon ploss also)
*greeninfo Private command, displays greenID# and their count of getting that green since last shipreset (version 1.34.9 or higher)
*flags Display flag’s coords (version 1.34.9 or higher)
*warn [Text] Sent privately, will msg player with a predetermined mod sound in red text with the format: Moderator Warning: [Message] – (Mod Name) (version 1.34.10 or higher)
*warpto [X] [Y] Sent privately, will warp player to certain X,Y coords (ie: *warpto 512 512 middle of map) (version 1.34.10 or higher) [Continuum .36]
*relkills # If sent # of 1, you will always get reliable kills. Otherwise, if < 200 bty kills, may not be (version 1.34.11h or higher)
*tinfo Sent privately, display’s player’s time history information (version 1.34.12pr2 or higher)
*watchdamage Sent privately, toggles viewing player’s damage information (version 1.34.12pr4 or higher) [Continuum .37]

SMod Commands

Command Description
*szone Sends message to all zones with same scoreid as current zone
*zone Send message to all arenas in this zone
*getlist get list of people permitted (to file)
*putlist put list of people permitted (permit.txt)
*getmodlist get list of people who are moderators
*putmodlist put list of people who are moderators (moderate.txt)
*recycle recycles the server (kicks everybody off)
*restart restarts timed games (speed zone)
*prize grant all ships random prizes, sent privately, grants to that ship only
*prize # grant a specific prize to all players, sent privately, grants to that ship only (negative prizes take away — see list above)
*listmod will display all players that have mod/smod/sysop curretly logged into the zone (1.34.4 or higher)
*info sent privately, displays lot of player info
*where sent privately, tells location of player
*trace sent privately, tells server to do a tracert to that person (NOTE: Needs the subgame version 1.34.1 or higher to be named subgame2.exe or else will not work)
*moderator sent privately, makes person it is sent to a moderator for that session (temporary, allows no sounds)

Sysop Commands

Command Description
*stat displays server statistics
*addword adds word to the obscene list
*shutdown [exename] shutdowns server (terminates process) optionally runs exename.exe
*s* set server.ini file variable, ex *s*Misc:MaxPlayers:4
*g* get server.ini file variable, ex *g*Misc:MaxPlayers
*log display a log of messages printed on server screen
*energy turns on viewing of other players energy levels. if sent privately, let’s person it is sent to see energy levels
*system (command) Do DOS command access (priv to player or public to server) -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*addip (ip) Adds ip# to ipblock.txt -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*removeip (ip) removes ip from ipblock.txt -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*listip lists all ip# from ipblock.txt -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame). ipblock.txt still works for blocking IP#
*addmachine (id) adds machineID# to idblock.txt (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*removemachine (id) removes id# from idblock.txt (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*listmachine lists all id# from idblock.txt (version 1.34.5 or higher). idblock.txt still works for blocking ID#
*ufo Give yourself UFO ship. Can be turned on and off (version 1.34.1 or higher)
*super Give yourself the super ship with everything (version 1.34.1 or higher)
*mirror Shows what everyone sees you as. No one else can see it, and will always be a spider (version 1.34.1 or higher)
*getnews Downloads news.txt to your comp (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*putnews Uploads news.txt from your SS folder to server (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*getsysoplist Downloads sysop.txt (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*putsysoplist Uploads sysop.txt (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*getsmodlist Downloads smod.txt (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*putsmodlist Uploads smod.txt (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*getobscene Downloads obscene.txt (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*putobscene Uploads obscene.txt (version 1.34.2 to 1.34.4)
*getfile (name) Downloads file from server (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*putfile (name) Uploads file from server. Cannot upload some files (.dll, .exe, etc) (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*delfile (name) Deletes file from server. Cannot delete some files (.dll, .exe, etc) (version 1.34.5 or higher)
*version Tells what subgame version it is. (version 1.34.6 or higher)
*lag List all player’s quick lag info (version 1.34.8 or higher)
*sysop sent privately, grants sysop priviledges to player (temporary, allows no sounds)
*smoderator sent privately, grants super moderator priviledges to player (temporary, allows no sounds)
*monitor # Shows you all commands from player at certain text levels -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*say (text) Makes a player say something without them really typing it (will allow ? and * commands through this) -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*getfile (name) Download file from player’s computer (priv one) -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*putfile (name) Uploads file to player’s computer (priv one) -REMOVED- (VIE Subgame)
*thor # Sets players thor level to #. 0 normal, > 1 instant death, larger the #, the larger the prox (version 1.34.1 or higher)
*lowbandwidth # (# 0 or 1) 0 means normal, 1 means gets/sends every packet doubled to help stop lag (version 1.34.1 or higher)
*messagelogging # sent privately, detects if a player is logging messages and at what level if a sysop (version 1.34.4 or higher)
*super gives someone super ship (1.34.4 or higher)
*ufo gives someone ufo ship (1.34.4 or higher)
*einfo Displays player’s Userid# and their screen rez (1.34.5 or higher). Also displays which client they are using [VIE or Continuum] (1.34.9 or higher, 1.34.10 or higher has client version)
*bandwidth # Will set (or display) their CutbackWatermark. If you set theirs, will override Latency:CutbackWatermark for them (version 1.34.11h or higher)
*points # Will add points to player. If negitive, will subtract. WARNING: Will set ALL points to flag points (avg kill goes to 0). (version .134.11 or higher)

Billing Commands

Command Description
?login (pw) Logs into Billing Sysop (pw in subbill.ini for sysoppassword)
?find (name) Tells you what zone player is in
?adduser (name):(password) Adds player to billing, good if AllowNewUser=0
?changepassword (name):(password) Changes player’s password, good if they lost it
**(message) Sends a green message to all zones. Do not space after the **

BANG Commands

0 Network bang
1 Lower network bang or main zone sysop bang
2 Low sysop bang, or high smod bang
3 Low smod bang, or high mod bang
4 Low mod bang
Command Description
?blogin (pw) Logs into bang, if successful, will display access level
?bpassword (pw) Changes your bang password (4+)
?bversion Tells you bang version (4+)
?notify Toggles if you want to recieve login attempts from banned players (4+)
?bantext Displays ban text shown to banned players who enter the zone (4+)
?bantext (text) Changes ban text shown to banned players (2+)
?ban (command) (name) Adds ban to player, with extra commands if listed. (4+)
Ban Switches Description
-* Adds to network ban list (1+)
-! ban all logins from IP range, new and old accounts (2+)
-e# Changes day count of ban, each level has max different, default 7 (4+)
-a# Changes access remove. Can only # be your level or lower, default 4 (4+)
-i# Changes ip# ban range, default their IP# (3+)
-m# Changes the ipmask for ban range (default: (1+)
-n# Changes id# ban, default their ID# (3+)
-c Removes the id# for the ban (such as if they randomize mID) (4+)
-k Doesn’t kick player off the instant ban takes place (4+)
-z Bans the player in that zone instead of current one (have to be both zone’s bang op)
Command Description
?listban (command) #(id) (count)  Displays last 10 (or the last count number) bans, unless command or id. If id, will show only that ban (4+)
?bantonet (id) Copys a local ban# to network ban list (1+)
?bantolocal (id) Copys a network ban# to local ban list (1+)
Ban Switches Description
-* List network ban (4+)
=-d List more details, only 3+ level sees IP# (4+) For ID show, needs to be list ?listban #5
Command Description
?changeban (if network, -*) (id) (command) Changes ban. Uses same commands as ?ban (4+)
?liftban (if network, -*) (id) Removes ban (4+) Can’t edit/lift ban of higher access level
?bancomment (if network, -*) (banid) (text) Adds comment to ban (4+)
?banfree (if network or command) (name) Adds player to banfree list (4+)
?listbanfree (if network, -*) (count) List last 10 (or count) banfrees (4+)
?removebanfree (if network, -*) (name) Removes player from banfree (4+)
?addop (if network, -*) (access level) (name):(password) Adds player to bang list. Can only do levels lower than your own (3+)
?listop (if network, -*) List ops, and shows if online or logged into bang (3+)
?removeop (if network, -*) (name) Remove op from bang op. Only remove lower level (3+)
?extchat Toggles if zone recieves any messages from players in other zones (priv or chats) (2+)
?listzone Lists all zone that are able to use bang and their status (0)