No Antiwarp in or near center!

If you see the center safe zone on radar, leave Antiwarp off. (the no anti in center means outer border of the boxed area, we have that rule so flaggers don’t get anti hunted in center.) When you use the item Antiwarp (SHIFT-END), you are in violation of this rule (unless you are outside the boundaries). You will usually be warned or shipresetted. If you continue to do it a ban might follow. People who are flagging need to re-attach to teammates every time they die, and they can’t do that when someone is antiwarping the center safety where you spawn. This REALLY handicaps the flaggers, DON’T do it.

No Cheating, or Hacking the SS client software!

Every use of game manipulation using techniques that a normal player (someone using a normal subspace client in a normal way) can’t possibly do is called cheating. So using impossible names, modifying packets or memory used by the game or anything else visible or invisible in the game will result in a ban. This is NOT tolerated in any way. 5>

No Advertising other zones!

Dont be lame! You are in Extreme Games to play in Extreme Games. Do not enter EG and try to take people from the game to go into some other zone. This rule is a big rule we have and if you are caught advertising another zone you will be banned for a year.

No Team Killing!

Team killing, or killing one of your team members (whether it be by wallbombing, etc.) is unacceptable IF IT IS INTENTIONAL. Repeated team killers will be either spec’d or banned. However, accidents happen and the EG moderators understand this, so in cases where accidents DO happen, the teamkiller will probably be warned in private.

No quick winning!

Quick winning is NOT tolerated. Quick winning is, by definition, winning the flag game before the last flag carrier’s timer expires. This can be achieved in a number of ways, but no matter how it happens, it is completely illegal and violating this rule is grounds for a ban.

No Giving free kills to improve your W:L!

Giving someone free kills to improve their record (W:L) is illegal and will result in either a scorereset or a ban. Just think about it.. is getting a few free kills to improve your record REALLY WORTH resetting it later on down the road, or being banned for it? Free kills for extending another players flag timer is not permitted.

No Exploiting public frequencies to affect the outcome of a flag game!

In Extreme Games, all flags on a public freq BELONG to that public freq. You are not permitted to intentionally transfer flags from a public team to a private one under any circumstances.

No Unplugging or excessively lagging through bases!

You will either get specced by the bot or asked to NOT attack a base due to your lag. If you keep attacking and lag into a base to get flags you will be banned from the zone. Lag limits do change. To see limits, type !limits in public chat.

No Harassment of any kind!

Whether you like a player or not, everyone in EG deserves respect. Name-calling or the use of racial slurs are disrespectful and should not be practiced. If your behavior gets disruptful, you will probably end up silenced, or in some cases, banned.

No Spamming and abusing ?help/?cheater!

If you are over using the ?cheater, ?help, ?illegal or any other command in anyway shape or form and you are asked to stop then you must do so or it may result in a ban. Do Not use them to chat with staff or bitch at staff.

No Trying to masquerade yourself as a bot or staff member!

When doing one of those two, we will assume you are trying to pretend you are a bot or staff member to obtain information from players for the purpose of cheating.

No Using multiple clients from the same connection simultaneously to gain any advantage!

Utilizing multiple clients from the same connection simultaneously to gain any advantage over players is not acceptable. Any single person found using multiple clients, multiple computers, or any combination thereof from the same IP address will find their additional connections terminated. Further actions for limiting the person will be at the discretion of the staff. (This rule does not apply to multiple people playing from a location, please notice it is referring to a SINGLE individual).

No Reneuting flags dropped by your team in the flag room!

If you insist on neutralizing flags, only 1 will be permitted to be neutralized WITHIN the base it currently resides in. Fixing bad drops will be restricted to the same base the flags currently occupy. Anything interpreted by the staff as changing frequencies to attain formerly dropped flags by the same player(s) within a base in any fashion will be considered inappropriate. The Staff retains the right to determine if the essence of this rule was or is being violated.

No Flag warping!

Comply with the Extreme Games moderators at all times. Continual warnings/bans will result in a perm ban!

The aforementioned rules are the foundation of Extreme Games, and are not a complete list of the rules. While new rules are constantly being made (and changed), it becomes more and more crucial that you cooperate with the Extreme Games staff when at all possible. While you may or may not completely agree with what a moderator has to say, you are still asked to comply with his/her requests.