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Ignoring the radio server issue we have (that we don't actually have one yet), please reply if you're interested in commentating for one or some EGFL games.

Criteria for selection:
- advanced knowledge of current EG squads and players
- broadband connection with new soundcard
- working microphone
- ability to talk for non-stop lengths
- access to EG friendly music library

It appears we have access to the EGFL arena during games with our alias, so understandably you must be a trustworthy person. We are looking to build a solid commentary team, and it will be a fun experience.

Confirmed & interested commentators so far:
- primetime*
- Lee
By AceRockola+
PT, are you going to be able to call players and what not?

IMO, that was one of the BEST parts of egradio when it was up, besides the sexy Australian voices. Could you once, when you are on the air, sing the cartoon Tazmania'stheme song? I'll take my answer off the air.
By primetime*
Yes, radio commentators would be able to use skype and other tools talk with others.

please reply if you're interested in commentating for one or some EGFL games.
By lagGore
ild apply
my voice willprolly sound like a teenage girl
but if my mic works this could be fun
i always wanted to comment soccer games as a kid
edit: this would come with a funny accent too, maybe not as funny as a norwegian or estonian , but still
By Bionics
I would whole heartedly love to!
By Tube
not me but you could call me and I'll shred all players into pieces, live on air ;)
By Evo+
Id do it.
By Grid
ill do it pt...i was i guess sub hosting with terms we got 25 listerns :)

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