*quick button guide by Wormhole Surfer

See Fiori’s Post for a guide on rebinding keys (or just scroll down).

Extreme Games is the ultimate mix of fast-paced action and lightning responses. Extreme Games is a one-shot-kills zone, of extreme skill and requires accuracy and quick decision making skills to succeed. It also requires leadership to lead a freq to winning the jackpot which is the aim of all players. Jackpots can be won by picking up all 30 flags and defending them from other players.

# Help: Rules

1. Antiwarp in or near Center!
2. No Cheating, or Hacking the SS client software!
3. No Advertising other zones!
4. No Team Killing!
5. No quick winning!
6. No Giving free kills to improve your W:L!
7. No Exploiting public freqs to affect the outcome of a flag game!
8. No Unplugging or excessively lagging through bases!
9. Respect all players. Continual warnings/bans will result in a perm ban. Includes spamming and abusing ?help/?cheater
10. No Trying to masquerade yourself as a bot or staff member!
11. No Using multiple clients from the same connection simultaneously to gain any advantage!
12. No Reneuting flags dropped by your team in the flagroom!
13. No Flag warping!
14. Comply with the Extreme Games moderators at all times.

Event Areanas:
?go aow ?go kol
?go balance ?go lotd
?go baseduel ?go lotl
?go baserace ?go onebase
?go bdl ?go outpost
?go bigladder ?go quickfire
?go cagematch ?go rec
?go classiceg ?go recoilrace
?go cloakwars ?go repwars
?go conquer ?go riot
?go dayton ?go riskyrace
?go dodgeball ?go rocketrace
?go duel ?go roneague
?go eghockey ?go shrapwars
?go egracing ?go siege
?go elim ?go streetrace
?go elitete ?go super
?go events ?go tag
?go eventsold ?go tanks
?go flashattack ?go teamelim
?go freqrace ?go teladder
?go gladiator ?go tkwars
?go guardking ?go turf
?go hotwheels ?go warprace
?go junkyard ?go warptrack


# Help: The Ships

OConner Domanic HA – 46 :Warbird : (Ship #1)
Fast and maneuverable, the bird’s usually the ship choice for a frayer/dueler. Minimal bomb fire energy means that a warp back to the embracing arms of the middle safe zone is possible if you prove to be a poor shot with your L3’s. The bird is also useful for wall bombing, especially around enemy bases. Wallbombers often prove the difference between a poor team and a winning one. The bird’s main advantage is its lasers, which may start at L2, but can be greened to L3. The rapidity of fire makes strafing while fraying an easy way to rack up kills.

Crummand FC – 12/0 : Javelin : (Ship #2)
The Jav boasts a double, triple, sometimes quadruple bomb launching mechanism providing a more than adequate environment for red hunting. But with a single bounce added, it also makes an excellent attacking vessel that can fire at ships from those corners your enemy can’t reach. The jav also has %BL3%W fire but has slow recharge, so overfiring will cause loss of energy. This ship is slow – it has the least thrust of the eight ships, and was designed so that once in an advantageous position, it would require a skilled shot or a mass swarm to destroy it.

Loakhaed RSC17 : Spider : (Ship #3)
One of the favorites in EG, the Spider boasts cloaking ability while providing dual L2-L3 lasers and double bounce %YL2%W-%BL3%W bombs. A good dueler with the best
rotation in the game and speed to match. Thrust is one of its low points, and when fired upon often, you find your ships simply carrying on into the path of the enemy ‘s shells due to lack of maneuverability. Due to its double bounce bombs, however, it serves as an excellent flagging vehicle which is capable of setting itself up in positions quietly distanced from the enemy while still close enough to lob %YL2%W’s after its two bounces.

Ivangrad Ut-59 : Leviathan : (Ship #4)
Also known as a Whale. If greened to full status, it becomes a very powerful multibomber ship that can have up to 31 shrapnel. Faster than the Javelin, the Levi provides two, sometimes three when greened, semi-simultaneous %YL2%W-%BL3%W bombs which often result in nailing your prey thanks to your second bomb. The Levi serves as an excellent base defense, any enemy that happens to get past your first bomb will not be able to get past your second – fast recharge ensures this. The Levi is also the only ship that can lay up to 4 mines.

Blight Aerospace Nu-34 : Terrier : (Ship #5)
Twin L2-L3 lasers make this middle-range fighter a good base attacker, with its bombs being able to bounce 3 times off the wall. This ship is fast, swift, and has extremely quick rotation – it is because of these three elements that the Terrier covers all aspects of attack and defense and can be dubbed the “all-purpose fighter.” The only problem with the terrier may be the slow recharge.

Yamakazi Sholi ZnK/0-1 : Weasel : (Ship #6)
The Weasle is the only ship to have an EMP bomb/mine. These bombs and mines will paralyze ship’s energy for a certain amount of time, which is very useful for hunting reds. It may also green/spawn anti, which is limited to only 3 ships. Also, the Weasel is another excellent choice for dueling/fraying with its quick bomb fire rate.

Avro 4F/2 HMS : Lancaster : (Ship #7)
Also known as “The Tank”, this ship’s advantages include high energy and rapidity of laserfire as a secondary attack; but it’s primary weapon is its bombs, which provide a clumsy mass of shells with 2 bounces. Alongside this, the Lanc offers three mines which can be placed strategically to produce excellent base defense, being able to spawn with X-Radar every time. The low lay-mine energy requirement means that the three mines can be placed almost instantaneously one after the other resulting in swift defense if needed. These ships are often used in the background of either an attack of defense. While faster strafing ships (such as the Warbird) bust through enemy lines, the Lanc is good for hanging back and lobbing %BL3%W’s into the enemy’s face from a distance. Also, the Lanc is good for hosting powerful turrets, if used correctly; you’ll be surprised how many players walk out of safe only to land on one of your mines! Remember though, that the Lanc is clumsy and slow, and it is the only ship in the game with a bomb thrust that forces you backwards (and consequently reduces your speed).

Lezarwerks SY/9 : Shark : (Ship #8)
Twin L2-L3 cannons with high turnover provide excellent strafing, especially combined with the quick rotation of the Shark. This ship is among the fastest in the game, and is a middle-range fighter, both fast and agile while still packing a punch. Good for making powerball runs, the Shark is easily able to get past the enemy to score. The Shark also boasts cloaking ability, being able to spawn with the Cloak device every time. Very useful when the enemy doesn’t have X-Radar and when you are attacking by yourself.

# Help: Flagging Tips!

Flags are 30 objects which teams try to collect. The first team to collect all 30 flags and successfully defend them for 3 full minutes are determined the winners. Flags that are blue and found in the middle are considered “neutral flags”. Your timer should state that you have 3 minutes until you drop the flag
+ When you kill somebody, your timer resets to 300 seconds.
+ When you die, you lose your flag to the person that kills you.
+ When you kill someone who has flags you get their flags.
+ If you sit in a safety area with flags, and you get shot, all your flags are thrown around the outside of the safety area.
+ When your flags are dropped they will drop right where you stand, and turn yellow. This indicates that these flags belong to your team, and can not be picked up again by your team.
+ When you pick up flags, your Ammo becomes one Level stronger.
When you get flags, you will need a base. Bases are located all over the map. In order to view the entire map, hit and hold [ALT] The blinking yellow dot on the map is where you are located and the blinking red dots are power balls. Fly to the nearest base (or wherever looks good to you) and fly all the way to the end of the base. That is called the flag room. It is best to keep your flags together as much as possible.
+TERM: Base Anchor – A base anchor is someone who stays at the end of the base for others to attach to and drop flags off, and he is also the last line of defense, and most of the time he is the most important player on the team.
Once you have a base, you need to collect all the other flags. This can be hard, but to help find some flags, type: ?flags. This will display the number of uncarried flags, and will also display who is carrying the other flags. Use this information to spec the other team.
+TERM: Spec – Short for spectate. To go to spec mode, hit [F11] or [ESC]+[S]. You will be put into spec mode, and you can now view other players. Move the ticker down the list of names until you reach the desired name. Hit enter and watch where he flies. You can move around by using your arrow keys. Hold [Shift] and press your arrow keys to spec even faster. This is a large and important rule if you want to win flags games. Being one step ahead of the enemy is important.
Sometimes other people will ask you to help them. In order to do so, move the ticker down the list of names until you are pointing at the person asking for help. “Attach” to him by pressing [F7] and “detach” by pressing [F7]. People can also attach to you.
+TIP: To view the Jackpot of a flag game, type: ?jackpot and hit enter.
After you have successfully kept on to all 30 flags for 300 seconds, the game ends, and the flags respawn to the middle. That is the beginning of the next flag game.

# Help: Macro Tips!

Macros were explained earlier, now we will help you set them up. You could keep typing:”//at the nme%B” over and over, but it would be easier to do this;
+EXAMPLE: Type “//At the nme base”, hold [Left Shift] and hit [F1]. It should have printed out in yellow. If so, it was saved to your [Left Shift]+[F1] key combo. Now every time you hold [Left Shift] and press [F1], that very same message appears. You may repeat it quickly up to 4 times, but any more than that and you will be kicked for flooding.
You may make messages and save them on keys [F1]-[F10]. If you selected the “designate left/right shift key” you may use [F1]-[F10] twice, one with the [Left Shift] combo and one with the [Right Shift] combo. Make sure all your macros are short, clear, and get right to the point. Ones that are too long take too long to read, and if they aren’t readable, then nobody will be able to help you.


//At nme base %coord, %area!
//Deep in the nme base %coord, %area!
//Help me! NME at Home Base!
//Base is under attack!
//<—- Base Anchor! (%coord)
… and any other macros you think would be useful.
Make sure your macro’s have a // or ‘ in front of them, otherwise you might be spamming the entire arena, which is a bad thing.

# Help: Player Harassment

As in all online games some kind of harassment from other players is inevitable. While some of the more obscene public comments are monitored and enforced by EGs staff, mucho f the comments are not bad enough to ban, but can still feel hurtful to other players. Fortunately, there are ways built into the game to help players prevent this harassment:
One way is to ignore a player. This can be done two main ways, temporary or permanent ignores. To temporarily ignore someone you need find their name and type: ?ignore. This will filter all of that players messages so you dont see any until you relogin. If you want to permanently ignore someone you need to open some kind of text creator, notepad or WordPad work fine, and create a file called ignore.txt and place it into your main Continuum directory. Anytime you add someones alias to the list they are ignored no matter how much you relogin.
Other ways of filtering what people say are through these commands: ?obscene, ?nopubchat and [Esc]+[F5. The command ?obscene turns on/off the ability to filter out words that are termined offensive by the zone ops. ?nopubchat turns on/off the ability to filter out all public (blue) messages. Finally, [Esc]+[F5] will remove all messages from your screen and you can only see them by pressing [Esc]. As a last resort, if none of these seem to help, you can call the assistance of the staff by typing: ?help or ?illegal followed by your message.

# Help: Default Keybinds

Esc – Primary men display
esc+1-8 – Leave spectator/select ship
F2 – Cycles Stat Box menus
Page up – Scrolls up the F2 menu
Page Down – Scrolls down F2 Menu
F11 – Enter spectator mode
prtscrn – Screenshot
Alt – Displays arena map

Arrow LEFT – Turn left
Arrow RIGHT – Turn right
Arrow FORWARD – Forward thrust
Arrow REVERSE – Reverse thrust
Shift -Afterburners
F67 – Attach

ctrl – Fire guns (tap: burst, hold: stream)
Tab – Fire bomb
Shift+Tab – Drop mine
F6 – Thor’s hammer
ctrl+Delete – Burst

Toggle equipment
Home – Stealth
Shift+End – Cloak
End – X-radar
Ctrl+Delete – Anti-Warp
Delete – Multi-fire guns

Usable Items
Ctrl+Shift – Repel
Insert – Warp
Shift+insert- Set portal
F3 – Fire
F4 – Drop brick
F5 – Deploy decoy

# Help:Chat/Channel commands

System and Moderator messages are green no name. These messages are usually important.
?chat=name Joins chat channel “name”
?chat=name,fun Joins 2 separate chat channels ‘”name”‘ and “fun” (you may join up to 10 channels)
?chat Lists who is currently on your chat channels
Channel Communication (Brown x:name> text)
; Sends message to first chat channel
;2; Sends message to second chat channel
;x; Sends message to “x”‘ chat channel (up to 10)
#message Sends a message to all online squadmates
#squad ‘name’ Sends a message to all online members of called “name”
//message Sends message to your team
/ Sends private message to ticked player
:: Sends private message to person who last messaged you
::: Keep pressing %G:%W to cycle through last five persons to message you
:name: Sends a private message to ‘name’
“message Sends a message to ticked freq

# Help: User Settings/Info

?arena Lists open arenas in zone (at top of screen)
?go Transfers you to the default pub map.
?go name Switches to arena ‘”name” (arenas starting with # are private arenas)
?owner Displays name of the arena owner
?lag Displays your ping and packetloss statistics
?music= Sets your music volume to “X” (0 – 10)
?sound= Sets your sound volume to “X” (0 – 10)
?alarm Toggles message beep on/off
?password=pw Changes your user name’s secret password to “pw”
?usage Displays your total usage time (session and life time)
?userid Returns your unique UserID number
find player Returns location (zone and/or arena) of player
?ping Lists ping info (current, average, high, and low)
?packetloss Returns % of game packets lost from s2c (server to client) and c2s (client to server)
?kill Toggles displaying kill messages in chat area, center, or neither
?enter Toggles displaying player entrance messages in chat area, center, or neither
?leave Toggles displaying player leaving messages in chat area, center, or neither
?loadmacro W Loads your macros from file
?savemacro Saves your macros to file

# Help: Player Assistance

Your “<msg>”: is sent to any online zone moderators; Enter relevant player name(s) and description of problem in “<msg>”
?help <msg> For general game assistance
?cheater <msg> Use to report cheater activity
?illegal <msg> Use to report any players not following zone rules

# Help: Squad Commands

?squadjoin=name:pw Joins squad called ‘name” with password “pw”
?squadcreate=name:password Creates squad called “name” with password “password”
?squadleave Leaves your current squad
?squadowner squadname Returns name of owner of “squadname”
?squad playername Displays squad name of “playername”
?squaddissolve Deletes current squad
?squadpassword=pw Changes squad’s password to “PW”
?squadkick=playername Removes “playername” from squad
?squadgrant=playername Transfers ownership of squad to “Playername”
?Squadlist Lists all players on your squad

# Help: Player Macros

%Arena Displays what arena you are currently in
%tickname Name of ticked player
%selfname Your name
%squad Your squad name
%Freq Your frequency
%bounty Your bounty
%flags Number of flags you have
%energy Your current energy
%killer Person who killed you last
%killed Person you killed last
%coord Your coordinates
%area Your location
%red Name(bounty:flags) of closest flag carrier
%redname Name of closest flag carrier
%redbounty Bounty of closest flag carrier
%redflags Number of Flags held by closest flag carrier
%shield Your shield time
%super Your super time
%coord Your coords (ie: A4, J12)
%area Your area (ie: Upper-Right, Middle)