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We can organize a fund, pull together a few grand and pay a popular live streamer like Syndicate, DrDisrespect or better yet, Riot Games (Riot Games is a video game development and eSports tournament company) to help revive the game.

We would need to buy at 2 hours a day for at least a week of airtime for a good chance at recovery. The live streamer could either make this a "Let's play Continuum / Come play with me" session or host a week long tournament where the top 3 players to get the highest scores in Pub will win monetary prizes while playing the game himself for exposure.

I would recommend the live streamer be of the eSports variety such as League or PUBG to attract the proper audience. From there on, word of mouth will take over and before we know it we will have several Extreme Games servers each maxed out with 65535 players :lol:

But seriously though, it might work.
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