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By Lee
Hey all!

I have already analysed the original draft viewtopic.php?f=300&t=30266, but as this years FA draft had some exceptional players coming into league, it is time to see how it may have changed the team setup.
All top lineups assume that players are active and at full strength

1) dunkin' yonuts
Bombed had very strong FA draft and picked some really great baseduellers along the way, making his team even more dangerous than before and a clear favorite to win the league. Muggy and hoontar are both great baseduellers with alot of experience and versatility, while konii can bring the lag and bought is highly unrated as a pilot in EG. It looks a completely balanced and great team with long and active bench. Will take something special to take them down

Rating 10/10
Top lineup: Golfer/bombed/bacon/hoontar/muggy
Main subs: azuline/konii/bought/establishment/pocho/tarzan

2) Damn Good Coffee
Poem did also great in FA draft, picking some amazing players. There may be a few questionmarks with activity, motivation and skill-level with king, trance and actually also zig. They do not play as much as on their prime and time will tell how big of an impact they will have on the squad. Attack mode is a nice versatile addition, who can both rush and anchor if needed

Rating 9/10
Top lineup: Combo/trance/king/zig/black monk
Main subs: cust/poem zx/terminator 17.5/attack mode/Macintosh.0

3) FBI Girlz
Groan had loads of problems in hosting the draft, but he had pretty successful picks himself in the backround. Kuppaaja was always going to be one of the key players to be added from FA and jammu was at his prime the best anchor in eg, caffrey is a decent allaround player, while yawns lag if he shows can also be a crucial factor.
Not perhaps as outstanding as the top 2 teams, Groan still has alot of firepower and his team definitely grew with additions of jammu and kuppa,

Rating 8/10
Top lineup: jammu/finite/renowned/kuppaaja/yawn
Main subs: groan/smoking blue/wilsonc/taunt/odb

4) 6vp's
Ritzand was once again the most loud player yesterday, mainly about complaining about the draft itself. His picks were a bit odd, but if he actually gets the trade with ap, he did not do bad in the draft. If his team remains as it is though, he really did waste some of the picks. Ragequit is great anchor, and Dazz can handle his own, but there could have been better options, especially considering Dazz still palys without specials and RQ has questionable ability of showing on Sundays. Bog in 3rd round was a nice pick, as was versatile disturbulance in 4th. Infact it hink they were best last 2 round picks out of the bunch, only comparable to Bombed.

Rating 7/10
Top lineup: ragequit/blood line/darkknight/bog/dazz
Main subs: anderson/ritzand/boogyman/lounger/sp!der/disturbulance

5) Ball
What a weird draft for infamous. His first round pick was probably the best possible, but getting minigor and schawpper in next 2 were really weird choices. I dont think Infamous made his task any easier by just not showing to draft on time and while presented an opportunity to actually do good in draft, he went after realyl weird choices. If he actually does trade ap away, i think this squad will be doomed and will eventually be removed from league.

Rating 6/10
Top lineup: nicedreams/autopilot/ioth/rushmore/lacoste
Main subs: infamous/glyde/the_nme/fios/punishment

As for my draft, i managed to get ursa (was my second choice after ap), tryo (as i had no anchors before) and bugs/ubu/jagral as last 3 picks. As my team is quite inactive i wanted players who are reliable in showups and seem active, im not 100% happy with my draft, as i was constantly disturbed by the poor organizational side of the event, so my preplanned lists were never really used. I really like my options in generating a great lineup. I think something like tryo/ursa/nunnnez/delete/moment can work very effectively. Time will tell how we do. Let the games begin!
By Ritzand
my picks were strictly because of the trade we all talked about and had approved now I picked AP it is now a issue meanwhile if trade is not approved I wasted 2 of my picks on people I didn't want . picking rage quit 2nd round made me miss 1 of 3 key players I needed so . and yeah I was the loudest because I needed to be but I'm always the one that has fingers pointed at even if I keep quiet but overall good Draft poem and bombed definitely got the best of this Draft before the Draft was restarted I had dazz, hoontar, ragequit(infamous 1strndpk) disturb Draft was restarted ended up with dazz, bog,ragequit (infamous 1stpick) disturb
Great Analysis Lee! Thank you very much!

If top line shows, I would rate each team as:

dunkin' yonuts: 10 / 10

Damn Good Coffee: 10 / 10

Leebido: 9.9 / 10

FBI Girlz: 9.8 / 10

6vp's: 9.5 / 10

BaLL: 6.9 / 10
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By Omega Red
This FA draft looked like it had more quality than the original, i guess everyone signed up late.

Top 4 teams look very balanced but bombeds team looks like it has the edge... you guys really let him get all those top players? Lol
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By Lee
Omega Red wrote:This FA draft looked like it had more quality than the original, i guess everyone signed up late.

Top 4 teams look very balanced but bombeds team looks like it has the edge... you guys really let him get all those top players? Lol
Bombed was in the middle of picking order, in most of drafts it gives advantage, there were many good players available anyways and bombed himself would have been one of the first picks if he werent GM, so all that makes his team definitely favorites.
By pocho
imo DGC top lineup is more scary than Dunkin toplineup if i had to face em at bd

also ritz in my opinion anderson > bog or dk

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