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By dreownsu
:WilsonC> yo taunt
1:Taunt> 1l afk for dayz
1:Taunt> yo
1:unplug> haha yeah
1:WilsonC> im 23 almost 24
1:WilsonC> if i eat well and workout everyday
1:Taunt> lol oh youre 93
1:WilsonC> i can look shredded?
1:WilsonC> 92
1:WilsonC> june 1st
1:Taunt> wtf
1:Taunt> im 92
1:Taunt> nig
1:WilsonC> yea
4:Tryo> i think after college its up to the employer who offers the insurance if they want to or not cover you til you are 26
1:Taunt> and ima be 25
1:Taunt> you cant be 23
1:Taunt> lol
1:WilsonC> wait
1:WilsonC> wtf
1:WilsonC> how old am i
1:WilsonC> dont lie
1:Taunt> if youre 92
1:WilsonC> you're 23
1:Taunt> 24
1:WilsonC> wait wtf
1:WilsonC> holy fuck
1:unplug> roflll
1:WilsonC> im 24
1:WilsonC> LMFAO
1:Taunt> ROFL
1:WilsonC> LOLOL
1:unplug> hahhahaha
1:unplug> omg
1:WilsonC> somebody screenshot this
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By dreownsu
6:Aelderon> we talking about dick size in eg...missing great stuff here
Taunt> im here
World entered arena
World> penis brought me here
Aelderon> roflll
Aelderon> rofl
Taunt> LOL
Aelderon> LMFAOO
TheCript> whats up indian
Aelderon> plz put that
Aelderon> on eg quotes
Aelderon> plz
Bacon entered arena
Aelderon> dont remember my pw
Taunt> alright alright alright, you gon learn today
Bacon> i got a small dick
Bacon> next?
Aelderon> man
Aelderon> crying loling
Aelderon> ty sirs
By poemZX_
1:WilsonC> there's a reason why she with me
1:poem ZX> whats the reason she with u wilson
1:Taunt> he has a chode
1:poem ZX> tru
1:WilsonC> cuz im romantic af
1:poem ZX> wilsons idea of being romantic: flying to romania to get dumped
1:Taunt> ROFL
1:WilsonC> ROFL
1:WilsonC> i stole his girl
1:Taunt> flying to romania
1:Taunt> to find her in bed with her EX
1:WilsonC> ROFL
By Romeo
1:RaeRae> question, answer and diration (in days)
Reward: 16000 points
1:RaeRae> deration*
1:Romeo> DURATION*
1:Romeo> derp*
1:RaeRae> fuck
1:Fc> u
1:Rabbit!> dafuq did i just read
1:Romeo> rofl
Reward: 16000 points
1:Fc> u googled duration?
1:Fc> .*looks away*
1:RaeRae> i googled diration and it corrected me to deration
1:RaeRae> :(
By Optimal
RaeRae> well, flarking flots and donatello tmnt are both him as well
RaeRae> who else yall want checked
Smoking Blue> whos eel?
RaeRae> a nobody zz
Smoking Blue> haha
By Kush
1:Unlimited> is there a reason why my ex squad leader who I have not seen on in 10 years is on my draft squad chat
1:Unlimited> lig?
1:cluTch> o
1:cluTch> its lig
1:cluTch> and isr rofl
1:Unlimited> rofl
1:cluTch> unlim hacking out chats
1:Unlimited> speachless right now no idea tf going on
1:cluTch> im confused af tho
1:ISR,LiGaya> ez owned, 5 year old chat burn
1:cluTch> ahh
1:cluTch> lol
1:cluTch> fkin aggi
1:Unlimited> rofl his name is isr, ligaya
1:Unlimited> WOw u got me
1:Unlimited> u got me good
By Ioth
Rofl at unli falling for the oldest trick in the book :p
By Disturbulance
Smoking Bl> 1v1 for 10k egc
[Winners] eel (1304/+ 9) 5/ 3/ 0 (1.25) HighestRated BestSpree(3) MostKills
[Losers] Smoking Blue (1262/- 9) 3/ 5/ 0 (0.50) BestSpree(3) MostDeaths
(eel) defeated (Smoking Blue) 5 to 3 (5b1) in 2m and 46s
eel> welp
Smoking Bl> man
eel> keep your egc
eel> bum
eel> a respect a legend when you see one
Smoking Bl> u got lucky i had screen lag
Disturbula> LOL
By Annihilation
was looking through my email and found some pre game strategy which some of you experienced flaggers would enjoy
This was in EGFL Season 5. Mutiny had taken Impurity out in semifinals in one epic 18 hour game.
AQB was leading Speed at that time. Speed had taken first game vs Mutiny but for some inexplicable reason AQB agreed to a postponement to another week and Speed people lost playing form and logged in less after winning game 1 ( including me)

Rebel> lacoste = too much free time
To report a cheater use ?cheater [name] [what he/she did] do not abuse it or you may end up banned.
Kute> wow
You have 1 new message. Type ?messages to read
obaids> |
S_P_I_D_E_> u just got lancasternated
darkaj.> Is totugas Lacoste?
darkaj.> Tortugas*
Kute> wtfd
King of the Hill: ego drive given 228150 points
King of the Hill: Z_! given 228150 points
solution> GAY
Tortugas> anexo for the excuses
sligh> !lag sole
sole> rep
dwood,> Is tortugas Lacoste????
sole> doubt it
SCROTUM> walled
DEATHMACHI> who is lacoste? never heard of him
T Rebel> lol padrino in tortugasa nd pacino in trespass
TeamElim Starting in 40 seconds ?go teamelim
T Rebel> haha
King of the Hill restarted
Psycho_Tap> omfg
T Annihilati> HELP ME NOW

(a quiet boy)>This arena is for speed!! visit us:
P Annihilati> hi
P Annihilati> darkknight25 was on
P Annihilati> we played pickup vs mut
P Annihilati> rofl msu kept crying
P Annihilati> till loss
P paragon> rofl
P paragon> hes a baby
P Annihilati> hes gonna be swing for final
P Annihilati> dk was on earlier owning at swing
P Annihilati> too bad he on imp roster already
P Annihilati> i am planning on s3ing
P paragon> msus gonna swing for final?
BaBo> lol
P Annihilati> a
P Annihilati> ya
BaBo> notice we all paused
xai> haha
P paragon> hahah wow their attacks gonna be so bad tho
BaBo> and watched him dc
P paragon> its jus duppa then
BaBo> rofl
P Annihilati> isr would rush i think
crispy> thought he was gonna spike
P Annihilati> he plays terr on attack
P Annihilati> to suport
P Annihilati> we gonna perm defend at start
P Annihilati> it will fuck up each and every mutiny strategy
P Annihilati> they wont know what to do
P Annihilati> once they hit our defence wall
P Annihilati> will start blaming each other etc.
P Annihilati> what mutiny does in squadmatches is this
P Annihilati> invite enemy to attack
P Annihilati> flank kill red
P Annihilati> then full attack
P Annihilati> each and every game they do this
King of the Hill: BaBo given 30000 points
P paragon> yea, they try to keep home at 0% as much as possible
P Annihilati> mut took 20 mins to even send 1 man to enemy
P Annihilati> in imp game
P Annihilati> it was amzing
P Annihilati> we gonna outmutiny mutiny to beat them
P Annihilati> oh heres the beauty
P Annihilati> see when we perm defend
P Annihilati> their flag carriers drop
xai> god
P Annihilati> so does our except fr maybe
xai> i hate you babo
C 1:xai> <!
P Annihilati> what mutiny will do
xai> :<
P Annihilati> is stop attacking
BaBo> :<
P Annihilati> after they suck
P Annihilati> and perm defend
P Annihilati> but we wont attack
BaBo> sowwie
P paragon> lol
P paragon> we will wait for them toa ttack
P paragon> hahah
BaBo> buy full energy
P Annihilati> u first ahah
P paragon> last night against crash their full attack was ok
P paragon> but thas cause our defense wasnt good
P Annihilati> since noone going to have flag carrier
P Annihilati> ya pickup ds are usless
King of the Hill restarted
P Annihilati> no teamwork
P Annihilati> omg wait till u hear how we gonna have flagged enemy anchor
P Annihilati> we bad drop flags at 90%
TeamElim Starting in 40 seconds ?go teamelim
P Annihilati> fix drop when base clear
P Annihilati> and give flags to enemy anchor
P Annihilati> if mut try to do same
P Annihilati> we will full attack
P Annihilati> game 1 should be won by now
P paragon> rofl
P Annihilati> and mut will be pissed for game 2
P paragon> they gonna be all fighting an dpissy at each other
P paragon> msu is like a cancer
P paragon> he will jus blame everyone
P Annihilati> msu isnt even half as good as he was earleir
P Annihilati> hes like demo now
P Annihilati> fin1 hates isr
P Annihilati> he thinks he gives bad name to mutiny etc
P paragon> fin1 is right
P paragon> mutinys rep has never been worse since ISR took over
P Annihilati> when mut play pussy we play pussier
P Annihilati> that is the way to outmutiny mut
P Annihilati> another thing how we gonna play
P Annihilati> we arent going after anchors
P Annihilati> both on d and enemy
P Annihilati> we target swings kill for swings
P Annihilati> rush for swings
P Annihilati> we dont rush past
P Annihilati> i am expecting mutiny
P Annihilati> to use pussy anchors
King of the Hill: xai given 30000 points
BaBo> omg
crispy> babooooooooo
P Annihilati> because they fear our lag
xai> snipe
xai> :<
P Annihilati> we wil exploit them by doing this
BaBo> ya
P Annihilati> kryp is good attack anchor
P Annihilati> but the real reason he is good
crispy> huck how you expect to clear if you keep stopping mid rush
P Annihilati> is because people chase him on defence
P paragon> yea
P paragon> and cause hes always cloaked
P paragon> so people get caught up on it
P Annihilati> whenever ppl chase him
P Annihilati> mut swings kill easily and push
P Annihilati> imp kept working hard on d
P Annihilati> then they would chase kryp
P Annihilati> andl ose 10% in 5-10 secs
P Annihilati> work hard again
P Annihilati> do samething
P Annihilati> was so annoying to watch
P Annihilati> if we ignore anchor
P Annihilati> we take anchor out of the equation
P Annihilati> he will get risky and try to make a diff
P paragon> and thas when he loses
P paragon> gets sniped bya terrier or something
P Annihilati> we can always hit anchor on quick rush when they play like that
P Annihilati> we need disciple to do this
P Annihilati> but we can
King of the Hill restarted
P Annihilati> cause ppl know in speed if u dont do what u told
P Annihilati> u get subed
P Annihilati> entire mutiny strategy revolves around on being pussy
P Annihilati> it works more than it did earlier
P Annihilati> because by being pussy you dont choke
TeamElim Starting in 40 seconds ?go teamelim
P Annihilati> instead you force other team to choke
P paragon> which mutiny will do
P Annihilati> and other teams WILL choke out of frustration
P paragon> yep
P Annihilati> imp fell into that trap
P paragon> alca will try to hero it too
P Annihilati> anni> denk wtf u didnt call flank
P paragon> and even he choked atimp
P Annihilati> denk> didnt want 18 hour game wanted to attack
Active God> sigh my net keeps goin down
P Annihilati> imp played so dumb
P paragon> played too aggressive
P Annihilati> mut were at 80% for 2 hours
Active God> wont be on to play till later today guys
Active God> cya
P Annihilati> and imp kept attacking even from start
xai> lata
P Annihilati> they called flank only once in entire game
P Annihilati> and when flank anchor died due to choke within 20 secs
P Annihilati> they never called flank
P Annihilati> enemy would die out
P Annihilati> base 80%
P Annihilati> they would attack again at 0%
P Annihilati> yawn changed things for imp as soon as he came
King of the Hill: xai given 30000 points
P Annihilati> rofl but imp base was 95% then and imp had 1 flag
pants> hi
P paragon> pfft game over
C 1:pants> HI
C 1:Active God> hi
P paragon> thas key too, gettin as many flags as possible at start
pants> back
C 1:xai> hi
P Annihilati> ya
P paragon> so they cant use their delay tactics
P Annihilati> we gonna practice breaking up area
C 1:pants> SOLE!
P Annihilati> as in center
xai> go on d
P paragon> after securing, assignin people certain sections?
P Annihilati> on the map yes
P paragon> u should do it by letter of name
P Annihilati> grid wise like
P paragon> alphabetical order
P paragon> that way its the same regardless
pants> !
P paragon> well for starters anyway
P Annihilati> only problem is those who hold base
P Annihilati> egsc i used to do
pants> lol
P Annihilati> top 5 in f2 box get top base bottom 5 get bottom base
P Annihilati> and it worked because ppl know how it would work
P Annihilati> we will do similar
P paragon> ahh
King of the Hill restarted
P paragon> yea we should prac that
pants> !Lag huck
P Annihilati> left and right or top and bottom?
P Annihilati> i think left and right
P paragon> left and right is easier
P Annihilati> 3 on left 3 on right
pants> wtf
pants> my banner changes by itself
P Annihilati> left-top,midbot
P Annihilati> i dont mind having 4 flag carriers
P Annihilati> as long as we get enough flags
P paragon> yea cause we can always defend slwoly until drop anyway
P Annihilati> not to mention
P Annihilati> that mutiny never attacks at start
P Annihilati> HAHAHa
P paragon> rofl
P Annihilati> gonna be so funny
P Annihilati> msu will know our plan sort of
P Annihilati> when he tells somethingn
P Annihilati> which is completly contrary
P Annihilati> to muts exp
P Annihilati> there will be drama
P paragon> hahaha
P paragon> mutinys gonna beat themselves
P Annihilati> yes anni master plan
P paragon> lol brb
C 1:Mad Kiwi !!!> hi
C 1:xai> hi
C 1:xai> #speed
crispy> why are you cloaking
crispy> we have no front
C 1:Annihilation> This is to inform you that i have just developed our final game master strategy
Active God> u have x
C 1:xai> win?
C 1:pants> wqoo
C 1:Annihilation> it will be fun ^_^. Mutiny beats mutiny.
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By Wormhole-Surfer
Since it's been almost a year since a good quote...

"What was the worst incident you witnessed involving a patient?"

Back when they started dual diagnosis they transferred this 15 year old boy from Hogan to DSH.
This boy had a habit of crawling into heat ducts. The heat ducts don't go anywhere at Hogan, it's
a newer building and you can't get hurt. Anyway they sent him up here and he was up here for
about 3 weeks and he disappeared. We searched everywhere for him. We looked all over and we
couldn't find him. The staff over at J ward started to notice a horrible smell getting worse and
worse everyday

Anyway to make a long story short, he got inside the duct work in J Annex. The duct work in DS
goes right down to heating coils. He slid down, couldn't get up , got trapped an died. His feet
landed right on the coils and literally burnt off up to his shins. I was there and had to go over
there and help cut him out of the wall. There must of been 25 people in that room that day. The
Medical Examiner, clinicians you name it.

I cut the wall and Butch (The Tinsmith) was there to cut the tin duct work. When we cut through
it all, and opened it up the kid was right there and looked almost frozen. The pathologist reached
in to take him out and his hands sunk into his chest like jello. The smell was disgusting it was a
nasty stench and we all got sick.

His death brought on a major, major state investigation. His parents were mad as hell and rightfully so.

We had big wigs from Boston and the State Police lab up there for weeks. It was just a horrible experience. I've seen a lot in my 24 years and that was by far the worst.
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