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Extreme Games League 2016.
By Optimal
Rojo wrote:
Optimal wrote:
Rojo wrote:add death limit so we can have the least bit of strategy of targeting and protecting, instead of players attaching and suiciding on the nearest target? and make map fit for teamplay, team grouping, chasing loners; ?go eliteduel seems awful

eg alrdy has this, its called egl
Why arent we playing it? Instead were playing the attach and suicide/repeat in those boxes

its one of the reasons why nobody is good anymore. Both in flagging, dueling and fraying. new, low and mid tier players have taken th easy route to try and keep up with the top tier players by making themselves usefull as the can be, low skill but higher effectivity, meaning, lag has gone up by atleast 60% of these players. Instead of tryin to evade bombs and survive dog fights suicide gameplay and re attachin because deaths dont matter that much as long as there is a top player to clean up behind them. ETC ETC.

EG is simply not worth playing anymore. Ive always been against this way of playing, For me easy its to play against, i can swing on them in baseduel and people will just spec because they doont know how to counter an agile passive agressive player, they rather want you to rush like a chicken without a head than actually try to play good and learn how to play with real skill. Its why the gap between mid tier and top tier is so big. Like i could slow down 2 top tier attackers ona good moment, which is really fuckin hard depending on how they play, i guess id need a good base too incase thy want to terr the fuck out of me. but a mid tier could never slow down one top tier attacker. One top attacker could crush 2 mid tier defendors.

EG is no longer a challenge, if youre new to eg you will find out that in a short time youre already beating active players, dont confuse yourself tho, they are mid tier at best in anything they do.
We got an estimate on start date for this? Or we still waiting for more folks?
By stewie

according to the first post, 4 out of the 8 squads dont even have 4 players. 8 out of 8 squads have less than 8 players. 50% of the players listed are last seen 10 days ago. league coordinators weren't proactive enough in getting signups, organizing squad rosters properly, and setting dates. its been 4 months. Ste this is pathetic.
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By Rek
Which is why Boba and 5150Case have taken over and this is now EGL. We hope to get some dates soon -- i'll be pushing for something by the end of this weekend.

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