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EG Draft League (flagging)

Moderators: Lee, EEL

By Optimal
Signing up all Viper members + GymAsia who asked me to sign him up.

Note: Some of the Viper members might not be really interested in commiting themselves to a league, however, Given the chance to be able to play when the situation arrives might spark a flame of interest for the more organized basing game-play EG has to offer which will teach newer players to play better and become more socially involved with the terrible community EG just cant get rid off.

p.s. I do not take full responsibility for any no-shows. People have lives and a freewill and their own interests. In Viper they learn about fairplay. thats enough said.

Black Monk,Nirolak,bluespace,fetus fermenting,displode,Anastasia
aLtAmEgA,Fuse,Pinche,Dung Beetle,greenspace,wagon,velocity,NiceDreams
EatInChicken,son of man,Smoking Blue,lockjaw0,deathclown420
Rise of Nations,Daman24/7,ACE.,CRIMINAL-PLAYER,Sherken,Yop

Some may alrdy have signed up. and only alias i know is yop which claims to be Viper-Slayer. I trust staff to do alias checks as the list grows and not at the end like idiots. put some work in if you want this league to succeed, this is all i can do to help.
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By Omega Red
Omega red
By Poplin
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By dreownsu
ill sign up, not sure how active ill be so contact me before picking lol
By Lacoste
Are people emailing their theirex squaddies/fb friends(friendsEger's)/newgamers clashofclans clashofclansetc aboutthis?! Needmore!! :)
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By GhostBusters
elixir wrote:elixir
Welcome back :)

That's because everyone is on Discord. Come parti[…]

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