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By Lee
With just 1 more week and 1 more round of scheduled games left, our main season is closing to end. I witnessed a drop inactivity for last couple of days (weekend days), so alltogether 48 games were held during the week, which is still decent amount. Lets see how squads did:


1) Eye fck
Peejay has really turned around the fortunes for his team and im glad to see one more squad showing activity. Eye fck had their most active week for this league and racked up 6 wins during it, including important win vs American Girls. This recent change in activity and winning games has rocketed them up 49 elo since last week and i can see they have clearly secured their playoff spot and could be one of the surprise squads in the playoffs.

2) Creampie

After awful 3rd week, Creampie slowly showed signs of turning things around again. Not yet as active with 8 games, they still managed to push up 21 elo and doing some catching up with league leaders. If they have what it takes during last week to enter the race for nr.1 seed, time will tell, but they did go up 27 elo last week.

3) Ninja Rangers
Up and down week ended with great scheduled games session, winning all of them. Keeping up its good activity, Ninjas won 7 games this week and are now just 1 point behind league leaders, in their best ever position so far. Its going to be very tough race for nr.1 seed with 3 top teams within 3 elo points and Creampie and Eye Fck also lurking in the backround.

4) Tycoon

Well Tycoon did manage to stop losing ELO this week. Being quite active they did win 3 games out of their 10 and even gained some ELO. What this means is that they still have a chance of making it to playoffs as other teams in bottom end lost alot of ELO. Lets see if they can keep this fight up.

5) Gaybirds

The mediocre and inactive second half of the season for Gaybirds continues. Winning half of their games, they gained 1 elo point, but are now truly quite far from top seed fight and need to concentrate in keeping low-end teams behind them.

6) Smooth Op
Smooth Op was the most active squad last week with 14 games played. They did manage to win majority of them, but as their started off the week with quite high elo, they lost a bit from it. Now leading egbdl, although by 1 point, they will be looking forward for last week.

7) Highz
Highz continued to be active squad and playing alot of games. They were not that successful in keeping elo though and have also dropped in ranks recently. Still well in playoffs, they are keen to see if Dazz can help them start winning more for last week.

8) Dexterity
Dexterity continued dropping like a stone in rankings last week. Winning only 4 of 12 matches, they went down 18 ELO, but as Demons dropped even more, their gap for last playoff spot actually closed up. With muggy back in ranks, Dexterity will be hoping for a strong last week in their campaign.

9) American Girls

As this league seems to be going on in cycles, AG cycle ended with last week. From leading position they not only dropped heavily in activity, but also in ELO. Now at 3rd place (although still only 3 points behind SMooth), they only won 6 out of their 11 games last week and lost important scheduled games. Will be interesting to see if AG can keep up with high-flying NR and SO and turn back to activity.

10) I)emons
By far the worst team last week. Played only 2 scheduled games, lost both, now only having 18 ELO gap with active Dexterity to hold onto final playoff spot. Karth really needs a big revival of his team and more activity.


1) Ninja Rangers
Ninja Rangers truly established themselves as one of the contenders for egedl title as well during last week. Winning 9 of their 12 games, they went up whooping 41 ELO points and are now directly in fight for 2nd seed spot vs Gaybirds and Smooth Op.

2) Highz

For weeks and weeks Highz was really the weakest egedl squad in the league. With some trades and prac though, they seem to have turned thing around. Winning half of their games, they went up 36 ELO and also surprisingly to 7th spot, right ahead of Eye Fck. With addition of Dazz, they can expect to get even better in this format.

3) Smooth Op

Smooth Op continue with their strong performances winning 11 out of 14 games and going up in ELO as well. Only thing keeping them from being higher than 4th in rankings is losing the scheduled game to NR.

4) Gaybirds

Struggling Gaybirds are still doing strong in egedl. Losing only 1 game from 6, they also gained a bit elo, to keep themselves ahead of NR and SO.

5) Eye fck
Eye fck was for longest time waiting for their first win in egedl. Now they have already 4. Keeping themselves in playoffs, im sure their recent activity will also help in egedl.

6) Creampie
The solo leaders in egedl kept performing well. Winning 6 our of 8, they gained some ELO, but as they are closing 1400 ELO, points are hard to come and every loss will hurt alot. They still look to be the biggest favourite of winning egedl.

7) Tycoon

Tycoon didnt have the best egedl week, but they are still in a strong position after losing some ELO

8) American Girls

AG won only 3 out of 11 games in egedl and dropped in ELO due to that as well. Clearly not their strongest side

9) Demons
Just like in egbdl, Demons lost both scheduled games and look to be out of playoffs now. Only a really big jump in activity can turn things around for them

10) Dexterity

Dexterity witnessed a staggering 66 loss in ELO points making them well below playoff line. Latest win vs Tycoon should give them hope though, both Eye fck and Highz are still there to be caught.

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