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By Lee
denk u will ask squadleaders to schedule times for quarterfinals, semis and finals? (like giving higher ranked team choice of time?) or will you just make a schedule yourself?
By denk
was gonna let the higher seed pick time
By MiTeY
awesome, so tper since they are #1 in points, gets to pick the time!!! :D

ya ya, joking.
all games 12 pm est despite hoppone no if and or but's about it :roll:
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By Lee
denk wrote:was gonna let the higher seed pick time
where is the thread where i can give you my time, or will u just ask sent before? i want gametime to be announced as early as possible as ppl actually might show up to our game then.
By denk
left messages for you and sent in game

I can host an archive of the forums if we want. Wo[…]

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