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Extreme Games Flagging League 2011

Moderator: Azela

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By Lee
After quite a bit of struggling and change in directions, the league alot have been waiting for is finally here. Lets see what squads are in for the title and who are the favourites and what players play the key role in their squads:

As a comment, i would first like to add, that this egfl is the first ever, where there are no traditional top-tier squads present. All squads have somewhat experienced players on rosters mixed with newer players, so more then ever, the actual showup of either top or low tier players for their respected squads can determine if a squad wins or loses, we can still see some squads have better potential then others.

1) Ill
By looking at the roster alone, Ill has perhaps the best bunch of entire league. Looking more and more like exalt with a few blood refugees, the squad would be dissapointed if they didnt win the league. Bacon, kuppaaja, trance, scan and combo are all very versatile players and can fill any position needed, blood line and nao are perhaps the last top anchors still active in eg and loud but skilled vato and thecript mixed with experience of sentenal, zeker, dtiss and bugs make a strong roster. Apart from oldtimers ill has also number of newer pilots like glyde, hulk, ghostbusters, cck etc.
Perhaps the biggest issue Ill may have, is quite small, not the most active roster, alot depends on their best to show for games as the newer pilots are not really that special compared to other squads. Another questionmark is if there are really any leaders in the pack who can guide the squad through matches.
Prediction: in finals

2) Silence
Silence has had a rough road so far to this egfl, mixed with bad performances, unmotivated players and inactivity. Things have turned lately and the squad has started performing better lately due to that as well. Although a big part of roster is still inactive, its coming back alive slowly and a revenge win vs Grid also proves we are on right track. Silence is compared to Ill quite big squad and shouldnt worry about showups if the players get more active. It has also variety of good anchors like ioth (ez), sin, boogy, jugulate, experienced basefighters like knit, luige, lee, delete, kute, otaku, monty etc with newer talents like incursion and saberclawxx.
As mentioned before, vast experience and big roster are biggest strengths, biggest weakness is definately inactivity as well as teamwork as the squad is still consisting of people of very different backrounds without not that much time to blend together, Silence would be dissapointed if it didnt make it to finals of this years league.
Prediction: in finals

3) Grid

Grid had a fairytale autumn preparing for egfl, it has been one of the most active squads and also been successful in squadmatches. Taking advantage of top-squads dissolving and being inactive, Grid recruited a huge roster of active pilots and dominated the zone together with Next. It also managed to beat Silence twice in squadmatch and show good results in squadmatches. With experienced leaders like grid, omega red and aelderon, its a pretty complete squad, good fighters like nugget, mitey, harland, hawkeye, aristocracy, muggy and others, they enter egfl with high hopes. Apart from a few players, majority of the roster hasnt really won egfl before and they are highly motivated in taking their chances in this league.
Grids best advantages are its highly active and motivated roster and good teamwork, which is result of playing together often in pickups and being active overall. Its biggest flaws are perhaps lack of truly top players in roster, which can hurt if silence or ill produce their best lineup against them.
Prediction: semifinals

4) Next
Next has enjoyed a nice autumn as well. Another version of everexisting rk squads, it has perhaps the best chances of actually winning a title. Just like Grid, rk has been able to take advantage of top-players in eg being sort of inactive and squads not present. Perhaps not as big as Grid, they have recruited number of good players like qs, taunt, oozie, tou, in love, kace, karth, viti etc and have made their presence felt in eg. Always known for aggressive style, next perhaps most in defensive department and depends on "attack is best defense" strategy, they do have good anchors and good rushers though and squad is very active as well.
Although not perhaps the biggest favourite of the tournament, next still has potential to cause upset vs any other squad and can also hope of reaching the finals.
Prediction: semifinals

5) Legendary

Legendary is another squad mixed with old and newer players. Lead by bombed, it has number of great pilots like nunnnez, dizease, lawsuit, rushmore, guap, viper-slayer, camal etc in their roster. I would consider legendary a candidate for top 4 if not even for finals, but activity is a huge questionmark for that squad as well as squadsize. Currently they have only 24 pilots, which makes it sort of even illegal to take part in egfl, but im sure they will get more pilots within this week. Still they had to play preseason game with 7 people at one stage (although rocking it), which will for sure hurt if it would happen vs some other top squad.
Legendary can surely be a threat to any squad and im sure they may be even able to mix the standings so that one of the top 4 squads may lose playoff spot, but in a long run, the squad still seems too small and inactive to go after title, but things can change.
Prediction: 5th

6) Fever
Fever is one of the 2 low-tier squads in this years egfl. Lead by pat and odi they have quite a decent roster, but as the squad is still quite new i hope couple of losses will not demoralize the team much so they can fight until the end. Fever actually has number of good players, apart from leaders, they also have weby, hiiri!, egc, splatter, s_fcdb and others on roster and should be able to hold their own if top squads dont concentrate against them. I hope pat can keep his head cool with his squad, it has nice potential and for a new squad its playing quite well already, holding close to 40 minutes vs Ill is certainly a good result in preseason and should encourage them to take the season seriously.
Prediction: 6th

7) Repent
Repent is perhaps the worst squad in the league, but they are not as bad as the low-tier squads we have seen in previous leagues. Getting people show up to games is perhaps its biggest challenge, it seems most of squad consists of pubplayers who have never really played in leagues or even realize what it is. I hope Azela can get some of the more experienced Grieve players into his roster to make it stronger and challenge Fever. Apart from Azela himself i really have seen only a few of this squads pilots before, mainly baptism, mat, synthesist, vehicle, t(oo)n,, maybe a few more. If they get their roster organized and add a bit more experience, they can be a tough nut to crack.
Prediction: 7th
col.1 wrote:I guess what I find really interesting is that, depending on show, anyone in your top 5 has a pretty good chance vs anyone else in the top 5.
good work, lee

i agree with mostly everything. ill probably looks the strongest on paper and im my opinion, next is sort of like a dark horse squad in this tourney. out of all the squads, they have been together the longest and they have a very small tight knit group

and to date, ill hasnt showed up or impressed me yet. if their top line doesnt start showing they are going to have to plug in some of those weaker players in their roster and as we all know, that can change things dramatically for a squad in this zone
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