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By Fc
Hello! I have been working on a .NET bot core on and off for some time now. I am posting to see how many would be interested in writing bot modules for it.

So why did I write a .NET bot core instead of using other existing core? For 1. you save a lot of time deving in .NET than any other languages since there are tons of libraries out there. 2. C# is easy to learn if you have little programming experience or if you don't want to learn C# you can code it in any other .NET language like VB or F# (infact 100% of fcbot's engine and subspace's core is written in F# :lol:). 3. modules ftw! This baby supports multithreaded envoriment and is fully EVENTs based making it ez for modules to connect together.

Here is a sample module:

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By poemZX_
The if statements with the member functions confuse me but good work anyways rofl.
By nunnnez
gosu fc
By nunnnez
gosu fc
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