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By The Junky
Download All The files in this directory ... loads/list
1st read through the
- this is the basic api for programming bots
- you will be responding to events
- and using things like ssbot.sendPrivateMessage(event.player,"hi") and
other commands to respond to events

Rename to
- modify the credentials file
- put your botname/password into it
either make a new copy of Ops.ini and add your name to it or add your name 9:yourname
to the one provided to you.
ops.ini is just a access list for the bots.. lvls go from 1-9
9 being the highest level 1 being ref/mod/whatever

bots can be made in a couple of ways:

method 1:
simple way: this is ok if you want to just mess around and learn how things work:
make a file make sure you have all the core files in the same dir
including the ops.ini and

the following bot will just arena message on every kill
Code: Select all
#the following line imports your username/pass and your name 
from Credentials import botowner, botname, botpassword
#the following line imports the actual programming interface
from SubspaceBot import *

if __name__ == '__main__':
	bot = SubspaceBot()#create a new bot interface
	#connect to the server
	bot.connectToServer('', 7900, botname, botpassword, '#python')
	#addsome info so when players do !about it can be displayed
	bot.setBotInfo(__name__,"This bot announces kills to the arena", botowner)
	print "Bot connected to server"
	while bot.isConnected():#ewhile bot is connected to server 
		event = bot.waitForEvent()
		if event.type == EVENT_KILL:#someone got killed
			#print that shit out in an arena message
			bot.sendArenaMessage( + ' killed ' + + '!')
	print "Bot disconnected"
method 2:
copy o a new file ""
now this version is compatible with eg's master bot system
in this version you only need to put code into the Bot class
the master bot will call your bots __init__ function when the bot is created
it will then call HandleEvents everytime an event is generated and finally
it will callCleanup when the bot is shutdown

so lets clone the above bot using template... all code other then the bot class
ommited for clarity
Code: Select all
#...code ommited...
class Bot(BotInterface):
	def __init__(self,ssbot,md):#initialize your bot add whatever variables you want etc etc
		#register Your Module
	def HandleEvents(self,ssbot,event):
		if event.type==EVENT_KILL:
			ssbot.sendArenaMessage( + ' killed ' + + '!')
	def Cleanup(self):
#code ommited...
at this point if you use method2 you only have to worry about these 3 methods
of the bot class you can ignore the rest. this will work as a standalone bot script
using your Credientials as the bot name and can also be called by the master

3rd way:
is to use the master....
1 way is to use the master thats already running, i will give you an account to upload your
files and u upload and run them on the remote server:
the bot coding is same as method2 mentioned above using the template as a starting point
chins post is also usefull so read through that as well. he has a more comprehensive guide
for converting method1->method2/3 and i wont replicate that information here
see: ... 43&t=24199
Master configuration is done in 2 files
Bots.json, ops.ini
ops.ini is just a access list for the bots.. lvls go from 1-9
9 being the highest level 1 being ref/mod/whatever
Bots.json defines all the files , bots, names the master bot will use.
an example is provided bots.json.example should be fairly self explanitory
be aware the json syntax is very unforgiving, a missing (, [ {)
will result in your bot not loading. i [lan to replace json at some point
but have been too lazy thus far.
for more on json....
By Grace Quek
Has this section been created as a means of demonstrating to the community how easy it is to create their own bots?

Or, is there a certain direction which we are trying to move in? Is there certain work which needs to be done? This section of the forum looks pretty new, so maybe it was created with a specific purpose in mind?

Are there already projects in progress to which I could lend my amazing coding knowledge?
By The Junky
this post was in the private developers forum, but this new forum is for all new programmers on all the new bot cores we are currently using. this will include the python core, the FCcore fc has made, opencore. hopefully it will make it easier to try and make bots, recruit new programmers, train people who are interested and collaborate.

I can host an archive of the forums if we want. Wo[…]

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