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By Chineh
Currently Junkys master for Python is working, and i have tested it for my followbot successfully. The bots it spawns are sysop level, and can be hosted by any mod/ref with access.

At the moment either myself, serexl or a sysop can upload to it.

However some minorish changes to the format of code is needed to run a bot from it, compared to running locally of your own machine. Beware the masterbot code is still kind of fluid (so what i write here is subject to change).

Hopefully your locally run code is in something like this format: (ie one class with all the functions for the bot within the class)

To make it work from master the following changes have to be done (explained in link):

Ill update with regards to how player_info will be handled when a consenses is reached :>
Also we hope to have a version of the master code avalible for use so that you can debug your master code from your local machine.
By Serexl
Thanks, chin.

Here are some notes on the module changes needed for Junky's June 10th update on the core and the master bot:
By The Junky
serex you are missing Botinterface.__init__(self,md) at the top of your bot.init
you dont really have to use a dictionary to deal with your own commands if you are currently doing

self.cmd_id = bot.registercommand(...) just change the register command, u dont need to add the dictionary

other than that you covered most of the the changes needed for the current version of master
although you should note what moduledata is passing stuff to the bot, and the botinterface init function is adding it to your botclass. so if you forget to initialize botinterface. none of the old variables will get set.

i added module data so i could just plop stuff into moduledata with out breaking compatibility.

as you can see from the above code as long as u do Botinterface.__init__(self,md)

you can use self.logger, self.module as you did before

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