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By nunnnez
By eura
This makes it the first time in history that I got rid of the desktop and got a laptop, so my screen is smaller.

By nunnnez
portal 2 gonna be great.
foobar is great.
By eura
nunnnez wrote:portal 2 gonna be great.
foobar is great.
Why don't we just cut to the chase here.

My handle on is sexyeura.

ttyl sweety.
By nunnnez

are you under muscle hunk or gayboy dating?
By nunnnez
rofl. youporn loud and proud.
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By prozaker
no bg pic, black bg color, vertical taskbar on the right black aero style.

open tasks:

system tray:

icons on dektop
all documents or shortcuts to directories.

nothing special.

used to have this like in 2006, i don't feel like "styling" desktop anymore, most of the time i never have the background anyway, more like firefox is my bg:

fucking photobucket cropped it.
By conjo
AceRockola wrote:nice background pic conjo. stop using safari noobie
Thanks. And I really like Safari! What else should I use?
By nunnnez
chromium has been my browser of choice lately.
By Pain

help me out with this damn file down there. can't move it, only create shortcuts. can't delete it. can't open it. such a bastard.
By lagGore

explorer.exe task beenden

dann neuer task -> dursuchen -> dort kannst dus dann löschen
danach neuer task -> explorer.exe wieder starten (windows ordner)
By Pain
ach wenn es so einfach wäre :c
kann aber leider nicht gefunden werden, hab das irgendwann mal umbenannt...keine ahnung was das eigentlich ist/war
noch ein tipp?
By Heath
just stick with safari if youre used to it conjo, firefox on mac is much slower. otherwise use Camino !
By conjo
Heath wrote:just stick with safari if youre used to it conjo, firefox on mac is much slower. otherwise use Camino !
I will stick to Safari! <333 I am not a big fan of firefox. :3
By themouse

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