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By stewie
Offering my boosting services here, have multiple diamond 1/diamond 2 accounts and can prove it. Willing to duo or solo boost, champion pool and role selection is flexible. PM me with your discord for more details.
By Hunt for Blood
i need boost in Dota 2
By AnthonyHet
I'm just curious, what's the point in getting boosted? Don't you then play against people who are above your skill level? I've dabbled in LoL a bit over the years. I'm bad though. lol
By Optimal
I play silver rank with kush in CSGO even tho i made MG2 a few weeks ago and ill probaly make dmg over the next few weeks if i keep playing as im not that active.

However boosting random people with the sole purpose to put low skilled players in a high rank in which they will without doubt ruin games is pretty lame.

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