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By GhostBusters
I’m back and here to stay guys. hopefully get enough people on to play some baseduel matches every once in a while. Fixing some bugs on my computer and will be on soon!
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By Wormhole-Surfer
Do you realize when you post this shit, you sound like Lacoste? Neck yourself now and you may still get into valhala. This shit is dead.
By Lacoste
suckadick worm

hi ghost! theres people on daily, especially between 6 and 9 pm est..we often get 5v5

we often get 10+ on EG chat ( ?chat=spotofbd) there always aleast 4 people on that chat, Egers

you can also help publicize EGisActive while being in other zones in case you got lost ?squadjoin=EGisActive:eg
Baseduel League

hi doomsy fat dork who used to be online 16 hou[…]

what does a zone needs to be alive? Fc whos online[…]

I’m back!!!!!!!!!

suckadick worm hi ghost! theres people on daily, […]

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