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By col.1
For those of you not paying attention, things are happening in EG. There seems to be a pretty constant stream of players at any given moment, and so we are looking for other ways to bring even more people back.

Starting Jan. 6th I will host a monthly pickup the first Sunday of the month.

Starting Jan. 8th every Tuesday and Thursday is baseduel night. Come to EG and get your fix, we will start at about 6pm est. This is not a formally hosted event, but rather a scheduled time to try and get as many people together as possible knowing there will be others to play with. Feel free to make Tuesday and Thursday your baseduel days in whatever time zone you are in!
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By Heath
so baseduel nights are about 9am for aussies, pretty good time.

and what time is the pickup scheduled? same? dont make it before 6pm... for the aussies
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By Heath
well we could probably do 4.30pm but that's pretty early too. maybe there could be 2 pickups. one at 6pm, one earlier.

anyway can at least make baseduel nights
rip EG

RIP- thanks for the memories, I had a blast. Any[…]

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