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By jdom
Hello all,

I have been logging on here and there to see how EG is doing. Rarely there is people even playing. The most I have seen in months is on right now (6 people) actually playing SO GET ON NOW!!!

The fall of EG is due to the owners and mods constantly trying to bring in new players, and change the core of EG (I don't blame all, just a few.. there are a lot of good mods that went above and beyond.) which never should have happened. There are too many great games now a days, no one new would bother with a 2D space game.

This is primary due to FC's strategy on how to make subspace great again.

First major mistake was removing the base duel arena. The point of this was to make Pub active, so that new players or old vets can see how populated it is, and say "hey I want to play!" lol big fail. All that was done was old vet players who played base duel got pissed off and stopped playing. (1ST MAJOR FAILURE)

There were other stupid ideas that caused the failure of this game. Here are a few: removing elite duel, this 2 base map model, forcing pub players to play base duel in pub because that is the only thing going on, everybody so caught up on forums trying to think of ways to make the game better (Doomy's one flag timer idea) im sure there are others.... All that needed to be done was to keep the game the same... There is a reason people have played this game for many years, there was no need to change anything.

When you try to cater to a new audience or improve the current state, you deter from your current player base who already love the game the way it was, which is precisely the reason for the fall of EG.


If anyone who can do anything about this game to maybe try to save what a great game this once was, just return it to how everything was before.

1. Separate Baseduel Arena

2. 30 flags in pub

3. Normal Maps, not this 2 same base bullshit.

Thank you...

- The Legend, JDOM.
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By X7
HI jdom

At one time there was no BaseDuel as a sub zone of EG. When BD got introduced it distracted the EG Mission. What it did was not create any new players for the game but took away players from EG. We have seen over time how that has worked out.

"It hasn't worked out"

There are a couple of moving parts as to the why, whats and if's. If Staff cant get a handle on the directory server issue for the zones then that's a lights out moment.

Secondly how well the zone works really depends on who is running the server. The server side of things is really simple for EG. It is actually nothing more than a windows application. It is also very old. The server came on the Subspace CD-Rom so that the game could continue if it was ever sold. The game is basically abandon-ware now as the rights to the game were never picked up when it was sold from VIE many many years ago.

I honestly have no idea whom the mods of EG are or Who owns the server EG shares with TW, but if things don't change and change fast then it is all a complete loss. TW would probably not want competition from EG. that would be bad for their population stats. At one time TW was a much weaker zone than EG - Seems odd how that reversal was engineered over time.

By Optimal
the least fc could do is i guess but all maps back like bd and ete for starters, but i heard everyone twer now(lol) just quit bros. Its been fun. now let me better that you at other games too.

ill check in this weekend
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