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Currently this is a work in progress, but we have decided that we will be implementing a Flagging/Turf Hybrid in Public Arena.

After a game has ended or when jackpot is less than 1 million points (for example) the public arena will enter into a turf type of game play. When this occurs, a bot will hold 1 out of the 30 flags, picks a random team, and warps itself to the turf base located at top middle of the map. The purpose of the bot is that it will serve as an anchor and defender for the team. If however, your nme touches the bot, then the bot will switch to the nme freq. As for incentive, the bot will be prizing out EGC every x amount of time for your service as well as x amount of bounty for attaching to him after you have die. However, these are just examples of what kind of inventive that we can offer and has not yet been finalized. Depending on how much development time/support we have we might even allow players to enhance the bot's defense/offense via EGC. Such as buying upgrades for the bot's gun/bomb etc... Once the jackpot hits a certain amount of points, the bot will declares the winning team and prizes them and goes to spec so that a flagging game can commence.

Besides the Flagging/Turf Hybrid that we will be introducing we will also be adding the following two features in pub.

1. Warp Pads
We will be providing warp pads for players in the center so that if they can afford it with EGC, they can use the warp pads to warp them to random locations outside of bases at top top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and top middle.

2. Additional Bounty Per Spawn Per Dropped Flags.
While a turf type of game is in progress. Teams that have dropped flags will get additional bounty per spawn after they have die. Maybe 1 dropped flag = +1 bounty, but this has not yet been determined as well.

Currently we do not have a ETA on when this will be completed but a mock up map can be found at ?go hybrid
As we move forward with this, I am sure a lot of changes will occur on this map, such as some bases being swap out. If you have bases that you want to submit for the upcoming map please let me know. We are however only looking for simple and non-complicated cool looking bases.

If you would like to help in this project by providing development support in map/graphics, please let me know.

Hopefully this doesn't venture too far off from what EG used to be. Interesting concept to get games going and im excited to see if it works for the better or worst. As for the bases, i know vets would like to have at least 2 egfl bases so if two squad privs did form, they could have a more familiar base to use.

-best of luck on the project
Once this is ready, you should put it in pub just once or twice a week and tweek it during the down time based on player feedback. After a few weeks of this, you'll have a pretty good idea of whether it should be used full time or scrapped completely.
sounds really cool and sounds like you put it a lot of thought and effort into it. Too bad I stopped caring to log on anymore. HOW MAD
Sounds Cool! and thanks for letting us know ahead of time =)

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