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Anything related to web developing
By swiv
hi im looking to get a site, i dont really think i want to buy one and have to deal with all that extra stuff, i know virtually nothing about hosting sites, or buying one. ive only ever had a free one from terminated in the past. so 4 me uploading to his ftp was all there was to having a site.

so im wondering not so much how, but more the best way to get a site, unless sum1 has one i can use :). i dont think its rocket science but 4 all i know there are tons of little things i should know. so ne help in this area is appreicated.
By primetime*
Based on the hideous website you once created, and then the gloating you following it up with, yes it is obvious you know nothing about web development.

For now, you should probably stick to the templates and webspace provided by
By Akbar
By Suke
Geocities lol. Just pay.
By swiv
if that came from ne1 remotly credible i might think twice about it pt. 4 my 1st atempt at html/graphics and being comltly self taught i dont know very many who can say it wasnt a decent effort. no1 else seemed to want to put the effort in 4 it, so i did. i dont remember gloating over it , it wasnt very good and i cant think of netime recently or in the past where ive thought it was good enuf to gloat over.

as well ur basing ur oppion on my preferred style of websites, while i like clean and neat crispy sites, i also like graphic orientated ones. i dont have nearly the knowledge to attempt the clean ones like thana makes.

but well done pt, hand claps all around to your spectacular thoughts :)
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By fuz
err try it has no ads and its free, i use it to host exalt's site
By Phaeton
#330486 is among the best in webhosting, quicker than dreamhost/1a1, friendlier than an AA meeting, these guys are awesome.
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