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League/Game based ideas
By Optimal
Well as weve seen, nothing big is gonna work for eg, not now and maybe not ever again.

EG is now the second zone that dies during my stay. It has become a small shed were we all reside from time to time, get high and have fun.
Its kind of sad to see a once highly skilled game, so forgotten and neglected. Some of us still care, even if we arent that active anymore. The knights from the burning castle. Help us end this fire and rebuild our home to liveable circumstances.

There is one way we can rebuild a small part of what we once had. No big league is gonna work, we know that. I already knew that. Survival does not come from pub as pub hasnt been consistant in 10 years, its the most inconsistant mini-game, the zone has, so basing survival of the zone on that was always a bad idea but lets not get into the obvious which has been stated a million times, not only by me. Same goes for new leagues and such.

The only thing that has been consistant over the last decade is its returning players for small leagues like bd and egdl. As in real life, its not the products that make us human, we humans make the product. and its the same with this zone, we players made this zone what it is, not pub, not a special bd arena etc. offcourse vital products are an extension of ourselves to improve ourselves and make life easier(bots) Yet we lack these, well, we have alot of bots, bot nothing that really makes our gametime easier, i mean, ive hosted tournies manually before in redstar and im pretty sure i was quicker than most botaided hosting in eg, not to mention that i type very slow.

many of the solutions that were brought to the table here in eg forum, were always theoritcal and never been tested to see if it actually works. and well as we always suspected it would fail and it did. Many hours lost on mapping, typing and coding, simply because everyone is caught up with their nose up their own assholes.


I SB do have a practical solution that has been tested. I did this myself when redstar died and we grew even larger only to have our server die. i still believe we got hacked or maybe the server just couldnt handle 100+ players and i had no acces to server things, nor did i have any contact info. i just got smod and did what i got it for, revive the zone.

The idea is very simple. knockout style tourny to start with. We pick 4/6 leaders. They make a team before sunday. Saturday you give me your list or post in a special section. Sunday you show up between xxxx/xxxx. First two team ready to go, start it. Games will be 3b1, and for now only the final game will be best of 3.

This is basically the whole idea, offcourse theres a bit more to it, like what if a leader doesnt show etc, but i can find my old guidelines for this im sure and if not ill be happy to writ them again. either way this is just a start to get things going. Atleast have some bd games going, if it goes just a little bit like it did with redstar the zone will be a bit more fun again, but as stated in my rant, its gonna be us, not bots, not maps, not sysops. US

Also what i did not do for redstar is give prizes.

To bring Eg somewhat back im willing to give away Real life prizes. Nothing big, just some t-shirts with your alias on it, the EG logo, or your squad name. basically anytihng you want, even a SB sucks t-shirt if really want to walk in something fake.
I also want to start streaming These games, i alrdy tested it out and i can stream very easily and also record. So if you want to beat me on live stream, be sure to participate in this new age for EG

Im signing myself up as leader, i think Eel was down alrdy and im pretty sure finite cant let eel get away with another win. so thats 3 leaders ready to go. going to sign up some buddies also and people i can msg to come play bd

We dont need official signups either, just join a team and your squadleader will register his team including you.

Smoking Blue - Viper
Eel - Grid
Finite - Acid
The gms that signed up to my BD tourny I tried still have bot access In BD arena if that helps getting games started. Eel, finite, famous, myself, and i think 1 or 2 others I can't remember off the top of my head are the gms who signed up and got access to bot.
It was actually a good start. i myself played in a 5v5 and i saw more activity before and after that.

I wanted to play more and take more part and have a chat with players but i was kinda hung over from celebrating the night before.

I will take my time this week to give some more info about the format and will try to write up a future plan, that we will build in steps.

eel, teams will be weekly based for now, once we have a more active and commited community we can make more demanding structures, but untill we are in such a place, the requirements to have fun, should be minimal. Its just show up, pm a leader if youre not alrdy being asked to play and that it.

I will try ti find a bracket creator that we can use straight from this website, just make it all easier to setup and keep track off.

I will post more later this week, or when i feel like it.

thanks to everyone who is actively participating in this and is helping in their own way, even if u just show up, you are alrdy helping.

Even alphawing is willing to come back and help host and mod.
there is one problem we need to fix.

In my first game we had a troll who didnt rush and sat in a corner and lobbed, we know who it is, no need to talk negative. Just ban this guy. i will make a petition about it if its not done before next sunday.
in other games its called griefing, if u want eg to heal, griefers needs to go, trashin the other team is competitive, griefing your team, is toxic and doesnt belong in any game/sport
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