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By Bust
alright so the radio is dead.. no biggie.. the reason why its dead is cause NOONE HOSTS IT..

Dj's complaining about noone listening have to realize that people will listen if there is some sort of structure and if dj's actually host once in a while..
By primetime*
you know, people like you are right and wrong in a way.

- DJs complaining about no one listening:
The only people I know of complaining about no one listening is voot master and terminator 17.5. These guys expect listeners to put up with their crappy 24kbps stream of music, and refuse to talk.

I keep on explaining to radio hosts that they must be interesting to get listeners. The only way they can remain interesting is to talk every now and then. However, they remain obsessed with their low listeners numbers, and wonder why no one is listening.....

- Fixed schedule:
This game is a space-filler for life. I or any of the other radio hosts are NOT going to re-arrange our lives to host radio, so some nerd smuck on the other side of the world can have the chance to hear us.

Get over the fixed schedule. Of course we try to be on the same time, but accept the fact that it will never happen. THIS GAME IS A SPACE FILLER FOR LIFE. SPACES IN LIFE ARE NOT CONSISTENT.

Everyone who keeps asking for this have never even tried to host more than one show. These people are not in a position to comment, and thus their opinions are ill-informed and worthless.

As for me, expect to hear the primetime show this Friday 7PM-10PM EST.
By Bust
thanks for clarifying ;)

Anyways i just thought id bring up a point or two as noone else really seems to care.. I dont base my life around ss .. I play a couple hours a night tops if im bored.. I just thought since noone is hosting radio some points might be brought to your guys attention :). I didnt mean to be negative :P

I mean.. if no one ever hosts the radio, noones ever going to listen.. schedule or not

As for the never hosting radio shows more than once, Ive co hosted with dj soma on the sonic beaver radio (scratch n on a fixed schedule (every 2 weeks on monday 3-5 pm).. It works, it just takes work :)

Being a DJ as a profession makes this different tho as I have the spare time to do this.. others may not be so fortunate.. Please dont take what i said the wrong way.. At least someone is giving input :S

PS: I like your optimism ridd ;)
By AD-Wufei
omg u are from vancouver, who are you!?!?
By Bust
i pmed you ad-wufei :)
Yes, I suppose I do complain a little too much about my low listener count... Oh well, at least the people of eg have some1 else to hate now for radio! Since Term's gone...
By Orc
oi cube let ridd get back to hosting the only radio program that has GOOD music

pt's is a $$$ show but music bites sometimes :)
Radio ain't dead no more. Voot's back and hosting regularly. Keep sending me the ownage trance bust. Peace.
By AceRockola+
pt....of course you are my favorite host....that accent gets my shorts for dead radio....look at egradio chat....when radio was really big that chat was huge.....i'm talking dies....we all die a little.....i have noticed Voot on and we should hail him as courageous and ambitious........i do agree with pt though that TALKING IS BETTER than complaining, music, etc.....tell stories.....make fun of jayashri squad (GAYEST SQUAD IN SS).......i think a goal in the minds of the hosts should be to make it a warm norman rockwell fireplace......that's it.......i have exceeded my "period count" for one message.............

And the year just got worse.

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