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By primetime*
Message posted on DSB forums regarding an idea:

I'm the current administrator for extreme games radio.

We've been talking with people from TW radio, and were thinking of putting together a once-off joint Subspace Radio segment, accross the major zones including DSB, of "Subspace Idol".

Similar to American Idol etc, it would involve people performing on air, either playing an instrument or singing etc. I'm sure you may have run your own Idol segment before within DSB. We have run this in concept EG, and it was very succesful, drawing over 50 listeners each time.

We're just talking about the idea for now. Some basic concepts would be such:
- representatives from TW, DSB and EG
- hosted at a mutually convenient time
- segments to be recorded (we record some of our eg radio shows)
- people to vote for winners in TW, DSB and EG forums
- hosts to come from TW, DSB and EG radio services
- listeners from all three zones

"Idol" segments have been tried and tested in eg radio. They work succesfully.

Just checking the forums of TW, DSB, and EG radio, we seem to be experiencing the same highs and lows of having a radio service. I'm sure this would help start 2005 on the right foot.

As to what eg radio is like, there are a few 'highlight' clips available from our site:

It would be great to get some collaboration between DSB, TW, and EG.

Let me know what you think. ...Remember, we can never improve unless we give things a try.
Provide your comments if you want...
By Pot
so what do people win? prox? lol
By echo
By Nattmackan
They get to record their own song newbies :<
someone will make the music and theyll sing to it :>
and itll get played on egradio and twradio and dsbradio all the time.
BTW the first "American Idol" was in UK called "Pop Idol" so hah!

PLUS i can be simon cowel :twisted:
By Thanatos
By AceRockola+
winners will receive sysop status and a nifty new banner

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