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By primetime*
I think egradio worked well in 2004 thanks to a number of people especially USS, Riddler, mizz & babo (earlier on), terminated 17.5.

There was an idea to change egradio to have only scheduled shows in 2005.

There could be benefits for this including:
- higher quality talk shows
- guarenteed hours of operation

There could however also be problems with this idea.

While the radio hosts could try to be online at the same time each week, it may not be possible.
- EG is a space filler to real life activities
- It isn't exactly easy to plan a fresh, new and interesting show each week

We're trying to think of how best to run the service. Ad hoc radio hosting, or planned hosting.

What are your thoughts on how egradio should work in 2005?

- I think most people agree that talk about EG is more interesting to hear than music you don't like streaming at 24kpbs.

- You may have tuned in once or twice, and been dissapointed at the music you heard, never to tune in again.

Again i repeat, due to reality, the service will never be on 100% of the time. It may also never be interesting 100% of the time.

What the egradio team goal is, is to have an interesting audio complement to EG, during peak EG playing times. That is what we can realistically achieve..

now post your comments plz
By Nattmackan
we could have scheduled theme hours or smth.
rock hour
dance hour
rap/rnb/hiphop hour
and so on...
so ppl would know when to tune in to listen to "their kind" of music

we could also have like guest dj's or just ordinary guests in the shows like "famous" players or smth that play music that they like or smth.

and I agree, the talking is more entertaining than the music :>
PT, hire me for dj as soon as I get my comp with broadband up.
By Pot
do more interviews
By primetime*
all acknowledged thanks

scheduled music hours
--> this may be difficult because i think very few people deliberately schedule to be in EG. it just happens that you end up in EG.

--> technical skype problems often hinder this. people are not willing to be interviewed as well. they are too shy.

thinking of doing an entire "subspace idol" competition, in conjunction with TW radio and DSB radio..
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