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By Bust
Hey people..

This here is bust who you probably seen before if you've played something other than pub in the last 4 years

Anyways I'm posting here to checkout becoming an EGradio DJ

My qualifications as a REAL LIFE dj probably wont make much of a difference on this forum but just for fun ill post some of the events if spun at and the production companies behind them, preceeding the events name:

Solid Corporation - NYE 2003, Grand Finale (Plaza), NYE 2004, Dooms Night 2004
Twisted Corporation - Twister 1 (2002), Twister 2 (2004), Twisted 2003, Twisted 2004
Union - Trance Mission 2003, Trance United 2004, Break The Barrier, Summer Breaks 2004

I dont feel like posting the rest :P

Anyways the point is, I practice on my tables almost every day and it would be interesting and fun to practice spinning while others listened.

After hearing most of the mp3 dj's on this radio and logging into eg and finding out that there is noone hosting radio 80% of the time, I think you guys could use another DJ that doesnt just play rock and rap.

PS. PrimeTime - Where do i send you that file again?

PPS. I spin Electronic music including; BreakBeats, DnB, House, Hardhouse, Underground Funk and Trance
By Akbar
Fuck son. too legit to quit
By primetime*
currently hunting crocodiles.

will be back in 1/2 days
By Bust
pwnage.. guess ill tty then :P
By Bust
okay so its been a while.. where do i send this freakin file.. cmon tell me.. noone dj's anymore anyways
By primetime*
I have messaged you my e-mail address three times now.

Check your forum PM plz.
By Bust
sorry bout dat ive been busy the last few days.. i got your pm and im sending the file as we speak.. im also sending a track or 2 that i made.. :)

Update: dam im sorry pt.. i deleted the old file when i formatted and now that i want to make the clip again it it seems i dont have a microphone handy.. Ill get it to ya soon .. My bads.. Im still sending you the tracks that i made tho..
Well hell bust, even if you don't get the dj job, I'll still play that tunnel trance you got. That stuff is great. You got my vote to be an eg dj man.

And the year just got worse.

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