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By LiGaya^
coming soon to this egRADIO forum:

- downloads of all radio host DJs shows

(put it on your iPOD / mp3 player and be cool!)

so i can dowload when me and king were drunk on the radio?.. cuz i dont remeber what i said.. so it would be fun to hear what i said
By king
oh god
By DrAkEn AT
that would be a hellalot of space.
By LiGaya^
King wrote:oh god
i just wanan know if u really said that u loved me.. or someone lied to me
By primetime*
yeah i recorded it all.. and will put it up as soon as i can
By LiGaya^
omfg.. my gf gonna laff at me... cool, tnx pt

And the year just got worse.

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