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By LeRaldo
By moero
moero wrote:hey i was curious if i could be a dj for the timezone around 10 to midnight est...i kinda had a plan of doing a different thing each day


Young and The Restless Night: the only songs that are played will be from local bands, i have a big selection of local bands for me, and would be willing to play any other local band songs that people would want


Rock and Roll High School: I will take requests and play some songs of my choice, but in order to get your song played, you have to tell me some interesting fact about that band, that i will repeat over the radio before playing the song


Three-in-a-row Night: People can request a group and i will pick 3 songs from that group and play them in a row, or people could request 3 songs by a certain band and have them played. I will also be on occasion mixing in my own three-in-a-rows.


Album Night: I will take user input at the beginning of the show and collect votes for an entire album that will want to be played, whichever one is voted for will play, probably will have time for 3 albums each night


Request night: Just plain ol' request night, will also leave the opportunity for chapelle show requests to be made, since i have easy access to most of the chapelle show episodes.

i got a headset, but am not sure of where to get skype

if you are interested please try to catch me in-game.

p.s. i would be mostly playing rock style music, but i am open to all ranges of rock, (from slipknot stuff to good charlotte)

just curious

*edit* i would probably only be able to be on for an hour on friday (9 PM est)
pasted in earlier topic with this title name...but no one seemed to answer...if you dont want me to, just tell me so
By primetime*
sent ?message to both of you

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