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1.0 - Purpose

1.1 - The purpose of EGDL is to randomly distribute players to a pre-determined number of teams using a draft system, giving the result of several evenly match teams. These teams will play each other for the league championship, thus making it so everyone has the same chance to win a league title.

1.2 - All games in the Extreme Games Flagging Draft League will be played in a sub arena of SSCU Extreme Games. The bases may be altered from season to season. The settings of EGDL will be as similar to EG main arenas as possible, while still allowing for all players of EGDL to achieve desirable playing experience.

1.3 - Any of these rules may be adjusted, added to, or removed if there is a sufficient reason. This shall not ever occur without proper notice being given to the General Managers and players.

1.4 - Any player who does not adhere to the rules in this thread, is subject to any punishment deemed necessary at the discretion of the EGDL coordinator(s). This includes games suspensions or banishment from the league.

1.5 - It is the EGDL Coordinators responsibility to enforce all rule & penalty laws. Any over-sight on the EGDL coordinators behalf will not result in extra penalties for the person(s) involved, but will result in the proper consequences which are provided by these rules.

2.0 - Setup

2.1 - Sign-ups will be open to all players of Extreme Games & the surrounding zones. All those who sign up with their full EG username, whom are active, that don't alias or cause disturbances which would be harmful to the league, will be allowed to participate.

2.2 - The league coordinators will choose refs and General Managers (GMs), both of which will be selected carefully by the EGDL coordinator(s).

2.3 - All players who wish to register and play in an EGDL league must sign up by registering on the EGFDL forums, and responding to the sign up thread in the sign up forum. The beginning date for sign ups will be whenever the EGDL coordinator wants it to be. The end date and time for sign ups will be decided upon by the EGDL coordinators.

2.4 - Each player that successfully registers for EGDL will be assessed a Value Point (VP) to help determine where that person stands in terms of skill in the EGDL player pool. Those deemed more active, who have higher flagging skills, who possess leadership qualities, and can play in several flagging positions, will receive a higher score (9 is the highest). The lowest ranking score (1) will be given to those who qualify for the lowest end of the EGFDL player pool. Most players will rank somewhere in the middle.

2.5 - Once a general idea of the number of participants for EGDL has been determined, the number of teams & their General Managers can be decided. All GMs will be selected before the draft begins. GM's will be chosen carefully by the EG

EGDL coordinator(s). The number of GMs chosen will be based on the number of players that sign up to play.

2.6 - Each team will have a Cap Limit (no roster limit). Each team must be under the Cap Limit at all times. For example, if the Cap Limit is 100 VPs, each team must remain at or under the Cap Limit of 100 VPs. Penalties are explained in Rule 7.7.

2.7 - Each GM will be given a forum of which to help communicate with his team once requested. Each forum will be located within the main EGDL forum. Each GM will be the Moderator of his/her respective forum. All GMs are NOT ALLOWED to have their own forum. The purpose being for the EGDL coordinator to observe each team's process to ensure a smooth-running league.

2.8 - Each GM will be the head of his own usergroup at the start of the league, which is a function of the EGDL forum that allows specific permissions to users of the forum. Each GM will be responsible for adding all players drafted to his team to his specific usergroup. After all usergroups are within satisfaction of the EGDL coordinator, he will assume control of each team's usergroup, in order to help EGDL run as smooth as possible.

2.9 - A schedule will be made after all GMs and team names have been finalized. The league will be held in one division, where each team will play each other at least once during the season. The regular season and playoff format will be decided upon by the EGDL Coordinator(s) prior to the draft.

2.10 - Refs are the last stage of the setup process. They will be chosen by the EGDL coordinator when he/she deems necessary.

3.0 - The Draft

3.1 - The draft will be held on a date several weeks in advance, so everyone involved will have plenty of time to get that day off, and devote it to creating their team. The draft can last for 2+ hours, and will most-likely be held on a Sunday afternoon, EST time. All GM's can (and should) have a banner, and will have a team name finalized and ready for the first day of EG Flagging Draft League.

3.2 - The draft order will be determined randomly.

3.2 - If there is a tie between GMs, the same process above will be used to break the tie, as quickly as possible.

3.3 - All GM's will be given a certain amount of total value points (Cap Limit) before the draft is conducted. The Cap Limit is the total amount of VPs in which a GM is allowed to fill his team with. The Cap Limit will be determined by taking the total amount of all players VPs, divided by the amount of total GM's participating, plus a couple For a mathematical look, it will look similar to:

[(Average VP*Total Players)/Number Of Teams] + (2, 3, 4, or 5).

3.4 - Before the draft begins, the GM's personal VP will be deducted from the total number of VPs he or she has to draft with. For example, if the Cap Limit is 100, and the GM has a VP of 5, then he has 95 VPs remaining from which to draft with.

3.5 - The draft will be conducted with as many GM's present as possible in a sub arena of EG. The random draft order that is assessed will flip-flop every other round. For example, if A B and C were GM's picking in that order in round 1, they will be picking C B and A in round 2, A, B, and C, in round 3, and so on. All rounds will be conducted regardless of how many GM's are present. A website (forum) will be used to assist in the drafting process.

3.6 - If a GM is not present for the draft, he has 2 choices of which to make in order to draft his team. He may either:

-- A - Send a proxy letter to the EGDL coordinator, in order of his most-wanted players to his least-wanted. The EGDL coordinator will select only from this proxy list, the player at the top of his list who is most available for every round. This will continue until the list is completed, or until the GM shows up, or unless/until B occurs:

-- B - Let the top draft pick present for each team may proxy for the GM at any point in time, as long as the GM has given the necessary permission to do so.

If neither A nor B can exist, then the GM who isn't present for draft day will simply pick the top remaining player in the draft pool for each pick in each round.

3.7 - All GM's will be given exactly 1 minute to make a selection. If a GM goes over his allotted amount, he will automatically take the top pick available. If a GM or proxy is not present, the pick will be made as quickly as possible.

3.8 - The draft will commence until all players in the player pool are selected.

3.9 - At no point is any GM allowed to pass on a selection.

3.10 - At no point is any GM allowed to trade picks (past, present, or future) before or during the draft, unless two GMs agree to trade all their picks to each other (swap positions in the draft). If a trade is agreed upon, it must be made and announced to a coordinator within 24 hours of the draft, or else it isn't official.

3.11 - It is entirely up to the GM to keep track and maintain his Cap Limit as best as possible. There is no penalty for being over the Cap Limit the day of the draft, but will suffer penalties during games played, in the form of players not being allowed to play. Further explanation on penalties are discussed in Rule 7.7.

3.12 - It is a GMs full responsibility to tell their drafted players the password to the squad, and what symbol to add on to their names. Team chats, flagging positions, practice dates & times, squad banners, and everything else related to running and leading a team is all optional. It is also the responsibility of the GMs to add their players to their usergroups. As stated in 2.7, the EGDL Coordinator will assume control of a teams usergroup, after it is complete.

4.0 - Trading, Releasing, & Signing Players

4.1 - All transactions must be approved by the EGDL coordinator in order for it to be considered official. Each transaction may be approved or denied for any reason that seems fit, which is based solely upon the EGDL Coordinators discretion.

4.2 - Signing, trading, and releasing players is allowed to commence every Monday, and all transactions will be halted and rosters locked every Saturday. All open transactions post the Sunday lock shall remain in limbo until the following Monday. It is up to the EGDL coordinators sole discretion as to what aspect of roster changes are allowed and when.

-- 4.2a - Rosters are permanently locked after mid-season. For example, if a season has 9 weeks of play, all rosters are locked and final on the Saturday after week 5, exactly at 6PM Eastern. Any transaction at 6PM or afterwards shall become void.

4.3 - Once a deal has been finalized, it will go to the "Done Deal" forum for public viewing. If a deal falls through, or is denied by the EGDL Coordinator, it will remain locked in the same forum and thread from which it originated.


4.4 - At no point in time is a player under any circumstances allowed to demand a trade or release from his/her specific team to another specific team. A player is allowed to demand a release or trade, just not to any specific team(s). Once a player is drafted/traded/signed to a team, his/her rights become the sole property of said team. Anyone caught trying to manipulate his way into another team is subject to be banned from the league for the season.

4.4a - Each case of players asking for release will be dealt with separately. In all decisions, the League Coordinators will follow the guidelines of making the league as fun and playable as possible for players, so valid reasons for allowing players to get released are GM benching on purpose due to personal hatred and bidding so much that the player becomes unplayable in league. Each player has to have evidence backing up his/her claims, releases of the nature of "i dont like some players" will be denied.

4.4b - After being released, each players will go into new FA bid and same rules apply as for those who got released by GMs.

4.5 - All trades must be posted and agreed upon by the General Manager of each team involved, and nobody else, in order for it to be considered a valid transaction request.

4.6 - No GM is allowed to trade Value Points at any time for any reason under any circumstance. The Cap Limit (total VP) is a rule, not an object.

4.7 - A team may trade any number of players in exchange for any number of players, providing the finalized transaction does not result in excess of Cap Limit for any team involved.

4.8 - For any reason what-so-ever, the EGDL coordinator may deny the request of a trade at any point in time. It will be up to the sole discretion of the EGDL coordinator to ensure all trading transactions are as even and fair as possible. Any trade deemed unfair or lop-sided may be cancelled by the coordinator.

4.9 - Once a transaction is finalized, it is up to the GMs to notify the respective players involved of the deal that took place. It is up to the EGDL Coordinator to alter usergroups accordingly.

4.10 - If or by any chance a GM gives up ownership of his team he will not be allowed to play on any other team.


4.11 - A team is not allowed to release a player with any specific cause. All drops must be approved of a more then 10 days ago+ or a request from the player to be dropped out of league.

4.12 - It is the GMs responsibility to notify any player(s) of their release by any means necessary. It is up to the EGDL Coordinator to alter usergroups accordingly.


4.13 - Only players from the Free Agent Pool will be allowed to be signed to teams in the EGDL by their respective GMs. During Pre-S+eason previously signed free agents 24 hours prior will be allowed to fill freqs, unless agreed to allow any certain play by opposing team GM.

4.14 - Each free agent session will commence on Sunday @ 7 PM EST. FA draft order will be reversed of the actual draft.

4.15 - Each free agent will be signed at 7:00 PM EST Sunday via snake draft.

4.16 - FA's will be assigned a VP based on previous VP history.

4.17 - Once signed to a team they are eligible to play the following week.

4.18 - GMS will be eligible to trade players for FA picks based on the same amount of VP.

4.19 - All trades and FA signings must meet the VP amount and ensure they do not exceed the VP cap.

4.20 - It is up to the GM to notify a free agent that he has won the bidding on him. It is up to the EGDL Coordinator to update the rosters accordingly.

4.21 - At no time will a GM go over the limits while picking a FA during the FA Draft.

5.0 - Playing (Pre & Regular Seasons)

5.1 - The pre-season (1 week) and regular season will each have a pre-determined time schedule. All games will be played on Sunday, between 12 Noon and 6 PM Eastern time. (Playoff games follow a different format described in the next section).

5.2 - 10 minute Delays are allowed.

5.3 - An EGDL game will be a flagging game, in which the goal is to obtain all 20 flags successfully. The flag time will be the same time as the main EG arenas have. All rules that apply to the main EG arenas also apply to the EGDL arenas.

-- 5.3a - Ball warping is allowed

5.4 - Eligible players for a specific game are those who are ?squadjoined to their EGFDL team name, using their real subspace nickname. No other name is allowed. Players not on their team name and not ?squadjoined cannot participate in the game. (This is because the bot is controlling rosters, and needs people to be on their names in order to work properly.)

5.5 - A GM does not necessarily lead the team during games. The team leader (as well as the GM) are allowed, however, to make the final decisions on who starts and who subs for each game.

5.6 - There is no minimum limit to the number of players needed to play a game. The maximum per team is 8. If a team can only show 3 players, while the other team can show 7, then that's how the game is played. If the other team can only show 1 player, then they play with 1. If they can't show any at all, or choose not to play, the other team still has to play and gather all 20 flags in order to win. The purpose here is to obtain a timed number (hours:minues:seconds) for scoring purposes. Forfeits are not allowed.

5.7 - In each game, each team must adhere to a strict VP limit per freq, which will be posted seperatley for the EGDL season. At no point may any freq in any game have more than a total of maximum VPs playing in the game. There is no minimum VP per freq.

5.8 - If a team can accumulate and successfully drop all 20 flags within the 2 hour mark the game is allotted, then that team wins, and the other team loses. If a game cannot be decided in 2 hours, then the game ends in a tie.

-- 5.8a - In a rare case that has happened before, a game may go into overtime. This is when a team successfully obtains all 20 flags before the 2-hour limit timer is over, but the timer of those flags does not end until after the 2-hour limit is up. In this rare case, the game continues unless either:
---- A - The team drops all 20 flags successfully to win the game (a flag carrier may kill and extend the timer).

---- B - The opposing team manages to kill a red or pick up any dropped flags after the timer is up. In this scenario, the game would end in a tie.

-- 5.8b - 4 team game will not be decided with a tie, once a freq goes without flags they will have 10 minutes to acquire flags if failed to do so they will be removed from the game until the last freq stands.

5.9 - At any point in time, if a player is found to be using a fake name or someone else's name for either the purpose of playing or simply entering a locked arena, said person shall be punished upon the EGDL Coordinators discretion. In some cases it may be a 2-hour spec lock, and in others it could mean banishment from the league. Amount of abuse determines the punishment warrented.

6.0 - Standings & Playoffs
6.1 - In standings, a win is worth 3 points. A tie is worth 1 point, and a loss is worth 0 points.

6.1a - Each team will be eligible to win 3 points by winning the 4 freq elimination game every Sunday that will start at 4:00 PM EST.

6.1b - If by any chance the 3:00 PM EST game is still the 4:00 PM EST game will not start until the 3:00 PM EST game is over.

6.2 - Average time per game will be used in the event of a tie in the standings. For each game won or lost, the time it took to win the game and the time left over when a game is lost, will be added up and divided accordingly. For example, if a team plays two games, with 1 win that took 60 minutes, and 1 loss that took 30 minutes, it will be averaged as follows:

-- A win @ 60 minutes

-- A loss @ 90 minutes (it was a 30 minute game, so you take the 2 hours mark @ 120 minutes, and subtract 30 minutes, getting 90 for a total).

-- A total @ 150 minutes

-- An average time @ 75 minutes

-- Average time for the 4:00 PM EST Game will not count towards your average time, only the points will be added.

6.3 - The pre-season record will not count towards determining the playoff position for each team. The regular season is the sole deciding factor for determining the playoffs. Overall W/L/T Record and Ave time will be used to decide final standings.


-- 6.4a - In an 4-team tournament, the top 2 teams will make the finals. The top 2 seeds will play each other for the EG Draft Bowl.

6.5 - Finals will be played best out of three.

6.6 - There are no time limits in playoff games. The first team to successfully drop all 20 flags is the winner.

6.8 - winner-take-all format.

EG Draft Bowl:

6.9 - Rules 6.5 and 6.6 do not apply for the EG Draft Bowl. The game will be played at 3 PM Eastern on Sunday.

7.0 - During the Season (Other Info)

7.1 - All common rules of EG also apply during EGDL season and in EGDL arena.

7.2 - In case of (teamkill) neuts, team can use either freqs 101 (for freq 100) and 201 (for freq 200) to pickup the neuts, but cannot drop the flags, but have to transfer them to their original freq. Once transferred they must be dropped by the same person who gets them back to the original freq.

7.2 - If a General Manager all of a sudden quits the league and/or disappears from EG, his/her team will be given to the next highest in command, that of the highest draft selection remaining, as long as he/she is willing to accept responsibility. If not, it will continue down the line until someone does accept GM responsibilities. If possible, ?squadownership shall be granted to said individual. If that is not possible, the team will create a new name. All other team information (banners, chats, etc) will be the sole discretion of the new GM in charge.

7.3 - At not point in time after the draft is a GM allowed to switch team names. Once he/she has chosen a name, that will be the official name of the team.

7.4 - At no point in time can any player leave his/her usergroup, or cause commotion publicly or within the team that can be regarded as detrimental to the team. Doing so may result in automatic rejection from the league, and is up to the coordinators discretion.

7.5 - If a player who is registered for EGDL has "not online, last seen more than 10 days ago", it will be up to the discretion of the EGDL Coordinator to cut him/her from the league. If said player is on a team, said player first has to be cut from his/her team before he/she is removed from the league.

7.6 - Anyone caught cheating in Extreme Games inside or outside of EGDL may be banned from EGDL as well, and is the sole discretion of the EGDL Coordinator.

7.7 - If EG recycles or the server disrupts the game to the point that the game is reset, then the ref in charge is responsible for getting the game back to the way it was as best as possible.

-- Flags to the proper teams, in the right bases, ALL DROPPED in the FR, regardless of who was carrying at the time of the disruption.

-- Balls in the right bases

-- Allow the front anchors to green up

-- Get players from both teams to sit in the center

-- Set the timer back to the proper time left

Then the game will resume. If it's just extremely laggy but the game hasn't reset, then continue with the game and make due with the lag.

7.8 - Teams are required to pick up flags that are obtained as a result of a team taking an enemy base, and only as either freq 100 or 200. Flags are also not allowed to remain neutral in a base at any time.


7.9 - Since rosters lock Saturday Eastern every week, and do not re-open until Monday Eastern, teams may suffer penalties if they are in violation of the Cap or Roster Limits during the weekend. Penalties are as follows:

-- 7.9a - If a team is over the Cap Limit during a game, said team will be required to hold out 1 player of the other teams choice, per VP they are over the Limit. For example, if "Team A" exceeds the Cap Limit by 3, Team B is allowed to select any 3 players of Team A before the game, to sit in spec. Those players will be forced to sit in spec for the entire duration of the game. (Once Team B makes their decision, they cannot change it. 1-4 VP players are excluded from this rule).

-- 7.9b1 - If a team is under the Roster Limit post the Friday roster lock, said team will be required to hold out 1 player of the other teams choice, per spot they are under the Limit. For example, if "Team A" is under the Roster Limit by 2, Team B is allowed to select any 2 players of Team A before the game. Those players will be forced to sit in spec for the duration of the game. (Once Team B makes their decision, they cannot change it. 1-4 VP players are excluded from this rule).

-- 7.9c - If a team physically cannot fill his Roster Limit requirements because there are insufficient players to do so, no penalties will be enforced.

Any questions please feel free to ask.
By Optimal
where are fa rules, and where does it say when fa sign up ends. is it like normal and fa ends begin third week?
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By dreownsu
i think it ends mid season, so for example if the season is 6 weeks, it would end at the end of week 4.
By Optimal
whatever its gonna be, we need it on black on white before eel gonna start abusing again
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By dreownsu
-- 4.2a - Rosters are permanently locked after mid-season. For example, if a season has 9 weeks of play, all rosters are locked and final on the Saturday after week 5, exactly at 6PM Eastern. Any transaction at 6PM or afterwards shall become void.
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deadline will be May 29th at 1:00 PM EST, depends if we have a fa draft before games.
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