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Extreme Games League 2016.
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April 23rd [PRE SEASON]

Fade/Bury vs Lego | 1:00pm EST
Death vs Too Fresh | 1:30pm EST
Grid vs HOW MAD!? | 2:00pm EST
Too Fresh vs Warsong | 2:30pm EST

April 30rd

Lego vs. Warsong | 1:00pm EST
HOW MAD!? vs Fade/Bury | 1:30pm EST
Grid vs. Death | 2:00pm EST

May 7th

Warsong vs Too Fresh | 1:00pm EST
Lego vs HOW MAD!? | 1:30pm EST
Fade/Bury vs Death | 2:00pm EST

May 14th

HOW MAD!? vs Warsong | 1:00pm EST
Grid vs Too Fresh | 1:30pm EST
Death vs Lego | 2:00pm EST

May 21st

Warsong vs Grid | 1:00pm EST
HOW MAD!? vs Death | 1:30pm EST
Too Fresh vs Fade/Bury | 2:00pm EST

May 28th

Death vs Warsong | 1:00pm EST
Fade/Bury vs Grid | 1:30pm EST
Lego vs Too Fresh | 2:00pm EST

June 4th

Warson vs Fade/Bury | 1:00pm EST
Grid vs Lego | 1:30pm EST
HOW MAD!? vs Too Fresh | 2:00pm EST

June 11th

FINAL TOURNAMENT - Seeds based on regular season performance.


1.) All matches are 4v4, knockout matches.
2.) Every player gets 8 deaths. Once they reach 8 deaths, they're out.
3.) Substitutions are allowed, however the substitute will take on the deaths of the player they're replacing.
4.) Players are allowed 3 lagouts before being locked in spec for the remainder of the match.
5.) Any squads without 4 players online for the match will play with however many players are online.
6.) If a squad does not show up within 5 minutes of match start, they will forfeit the game.
7.) Squads can ask for one 10 min delay.

Full Rules

*rules below subject to change.

Extreme Games League

1. League Structure
2. Player Rights and Responsibilities
3. Rosters, Eligibility, and Player Movement
4. Match Scheduling
5. Pre-Game Setup
6. League Game
7. Ship Changing
8. Subbing
9. Winning Conditions
10. Overtime
11. Thanks To


1.1 - Extreme Games League matches will be played in a sub-arena of SSCU Extreme Games.

1.2 - Extreme Games League will be played in a fashion similar to professional sports leagues with a preseason, a regular season, and tournament following the season.

1.3 - If a team drops out during the season, a new team from the waiting list will be added to that team slot. The new team will not inherit the record of the team it is replacing. The new team will finish off the rest of the former teams’ schedule. Depending on how the new team finishes, it is possible for that team to make the tournament.

1.4 - Any of these rules and the following mentioned may be adjusted, added to, or removed if there is sufficient reason. This will not occur without first giving proper notice team captains.

1.5 - Extreme Games League Staff has the right to deny any player access for any reason and at any time


2.1 - It is possible to appeal the results of a match, if there is a serious and very clear infraction of the rules. You cannot appeal situations that cannot be verified (e.g. lag). Formal appeals should be written via the appeals form within 24 hours of the end of the match. After a decision is reached, the League Operator will notify, via e-mail, the captains of both teams involved. The decision is final in all circumstances.

2.2 - Appeals containing questions and disputes, which are clearly resolved or dealt with in the rules, will be refused without question.

2.3 - Conduct must be appropriate while in a league arena during league play. If a referee or moderator asks someone to stop certain types of messages, they must stop. If a referee or moderator asks a player to cease behaviour that is deemed inappropriate, they must stop. If a player is argumentative, belligerent, racial, or rude to the ref, they will be kicked out of the zone. Pending a decision by the league coordinator, the player may be permanently banned. Ref abuse is totally unacceptable. Refs should be given added respect for the responsibility they have taken on in the first place.

2.4 - During a match, members of the spectator freq may not harass the teams and the players of the teams. If a team captain feels that spectators are being disruptive, then they must stop or face punishment.

2.5 - If a player is banned from the zone they become ineligible for a league match; likewise those punished for inappropriate behaviour during a league match can also be banned from the zone.


3.1 - Roster size for each team will be limited to 15 spots for play-eligible team members and 2 designated team captains. Only one team captain may assume authority over the team per league match.

3.2 - Being on two rosters will not be permitted. If such is attempted the player may be punished depending on the nature of this infraction. (i.e. unless it was a careless mistake on someone's part and out of control of the player in question)

3.3 - A player may not change registered names after the last weekend of preseason has passed unless approved by league staff. Teams will also not be permitted to change their names during the season.

3.4 - A player is only permitted one name on a team's roster. The addition of multiple names is illegal and will be removed. The players and teams in question may also be punished.

3.5 - Name sharing is illegal and players that are caught will be punished.

3.6 - All players participating in Extreme Games League must be registered as a team under their designated team captain.

3.7 - A change of a team’s captain will only be allowed at the discretion of the EGL staff.

3.8 - EGL staff will recognize the team captain as the owner and administrator of the team. Only the existing team owner will have the authority and responsibility to transfer title of team captain to another person of the same team. The league coordinator can decide to remove the captain at the request of the team in extreme situations (e.g. death, inactivity, banned)


4.1 - Match dates & times are predetermined by EGL Staff. Please see official schedule at the top. If both teams agree to a different time, matches can be rescheduled.


5.1 - All matches will have a Host referee, and possibly other referees assisting. All messages regarding the match must be sent to the Host referee. Any disputes that arise during the match must be sent either to the Host referee, or emailed to the League Coordinators after the game has been completed. During the game, the decisions made by the host ref are final.

5.2 - Teams may start up to 4 players, and have other team members spectate.

5.3 - Teams will be assigned a frequency of either 100 or 200. The starting players must go to that freq. Spectating team members may also go to that freq. Non-team spectators will be permitted on a team’s freq if the captain approves.

5.4 - Teams may start as few as 2 players. The opposing team does not have to match the start number of players. A team must have at least 2 eligible players present and starting to be recognized as having showed for the game. If less than 2 players show up it is counted as a no-show. If team members who are unable to play (e.g. stuck in spec because of connection difficulties) are present, they are not counted as "starting" players.

5.5 - Non-team substitutes (NTS) for absent players will be allowed to play, provided the opposing captain approves. A team may have up to 2 NTS. A non-team sub may not be subbed into the match, he/she may only start. The opposing captain must agree to the player you wish to play as an NTS.

5.6 - There will be no badgering the opposing freq for allowing or not allowing NTS during and after the game as long as the players are still in the arena. This will be considered unsportsmanlike and actions will be taken against the players in question which can result to suspension from league-play.

5.7 - If a team starts the game with less than 4 players, the unused starting slot(s) may only be filled by late-arriving team members.

5.8 - The Host referee will message both teams 10 minutes before the match of their game-time. The game will start at the scheduled time, giving the players and the referee’s 10 minutes to set up. A team may ask to delay the game up to 10 minutes. The 10 minute delay will begin at the scheduled start time.

5.9 - Either team may request a no-blue-message match before the match begins. You must tell the host ref BEFORE the match begins. Spectators will then be told by the host ref in green that this is a no blue message match. If the match is declared a no blue, all spectators will be silenced.


6.1 - A match will consist of a best 2 out of 3 round set. The first team to win 2 rounds in the set, or the team with the most wins in the set will be declared the winner of the match. In the event of a regular match in which both teams have matching wins and a tie, or 3 ties, the match will be declared a tie. Final rounds cannot be decided in a tie, see 10.3 for details.

6.2 - All teams will earn a win, loss, or tie during each round. Standings will be updated after every match. There will be no deadline extensions except when approved for a holiday, in which case the entire round will be extended. Teams that do not show up for a scheduled match will lose by default. A team that wins by default will receive the score of 20-0. If both teams do not show up then it is considered a tie, with the score of 0-0. Teams that no-show twice will be dropped from the League.

6.3 - Every match will have a time limit of 45 minutes. Please see the last section of the rules titled "Overtime" for information on the match past this time limit.

6.4 - Each starting player slot will have 8 "lives" during the match. If over-time goes into effect, all players with lives remaining must be present on their respective frequencies and NOT in spectator mode at the end of regulation time. If a player fails to satisfy these conditions, all the lives remaining to that player's slot will be converted to deaths but not wins for the opposing team. The host ref will make a reasonable judgment on this with disconnects, lag-outs, and last-minute re-entries. The host ref's judgment is final.

6.5 - Being killed by a teammate will count as a death to the player/slot that was killed, but the teammate who got the kill will not get a kill credited to his/her stats.

6.6 - If a player specs voluntarily or involuntarily and is not subbed out, he will be assigned a lag out.

6.7 - If a player is deemed to have spec'd intentionally to avoid a death and is not subbed out, he will be assigned a death. This rule will only be in effect if the host ref has no doubt in his mind that the player spec'd intentionally to avoid death.

6.8 - To see the time remaining during a match, type ?time.

6.9 - There are no shields, superpowers, proximities, or negative-effect power-ups in the League arenas.

6.10 - If you disconnect or lag to spectator mode you must message the host ref to re-enter. After re-entry into the match, the referee will burn you of all specials. You must wait to re-join combat until the referee has confirmed that you have been burned. A player who has disconnected or lagged will be burned regardless of what specials he had prior to being disconnected.

6.11 - There can be no communication between frequencies except in public chat in the occurrence of a blue match. If caught doing so the player will be banned from League play for a period of time to be determined by the League Operators.

6.12 - The bot will spec anyone that goes over the lag limits of the league which are 300 average ping and 2.0 packetloss (s2c, c2s, weapon). If a player is within the lag limits but is clearly showing signs of abusive lag, 2 staff members must agree to this being abusive and if this is agreed upon, the player will be spec'd and treated as a lagged player.


7.1 - Shipchanging is not allowed in EGL. All matches are played in warbird.

8.1 - Each team slot for a frequency may only be subbed for once, excluding lag-subs. This means that each team may have a maximum of 4 regular subs, one for each slot. Subs inherit the lives of the player they are subbing for. To make a substitution, the team captain should message the host privately to notify him of the player being subbed for, and the player coming in. The host ref will, if it is a legitimate sub, enter the new player in the bot and will announce the names and lives remaining of the players involved. Players who die while changing frequencies will NOT be assigned a death as long as they do not engage in battle, but attempt to flee the enemies (the player may NOT use repels to flee the area as that is considered engaging, he must simply run into a direction away from battle). The enemies are to NOT follow the player being subbed in. If the player engages before the referee has given him notice that he is allowed to engage, he will be assigned a death.

8.2 - No regular subs will be permitted during the last 10 minutes of a match or during overtime, only lag-subs will be permitted (See 8.7).

8.3 - If a team has a player eliminated, the "slot" the player was in cannot be subbed into. Subs can only take the place of "live" players.

8.4 - A player that has already played in the game may NOT sub back into the game.

8.5 - Any player entering without the host ref's explicit permission or legibility for the bot will be considered an ILLEGAL PLAYER, and will be asked to come out of the game by the ref (and possibly forced into spec). It will then be at the judgment of the host ref whether that player is allowed to sub or not later.

8.6 - If a player lags out 3 times in one match (he could have been disconnected, forced into spec, or assigned a lag out for being in spec and not being subbed), the player cannot play in that match any more. If a legitimate sub is available, the team may sub the lagged player. If the lagged player is a sub already, he may still be subbed. He is considered a lag-sub (see 8.7).

8.7 - "Lag-subs" are generally referred to anyone subbing for another substitute. Lag-subs will be burned before they engage upon entering the match. Lag-subs inherit the lives of the player they are replacing. A team may have as many lag-subs as needed but must note that each player may only play once.


9.1 - Victory conditions are as follows: (note: where "kill" is used below, team kills will NOT be considered. You do not get points for killing your own team; however, the OTHER team does get points and your teammate's death will count as a "kill" for the other team for purposes of satisfying victory conditions.)

- If one team is completely eliminated, the other team wins regardless of the current match score. (eg. team A starts 2 players, scores 21 kills, and team B starts 4 players and eliminates team A (20 kills). Team B wins.)

- If both teams successfully eliminate each other (a mutual kill when the score is 39-39, for example), the game will be called a TIE. - If the regulation time period expires, the team with more kills shall be victorious, PROVIDED they have satisfied the minimum kill requirements determined by number of players starting for the OTHER team:
- 4 Players starting: 20 kills minimum.
- 2/3 players starting: 14 kills minimum.
(ex. team A starts 3 players, team B starts 4. Team A scores 13 kills, team B scores 14. Team B wins.)
(ex. team A starts 3 players, team B starts 4. Team A scores 18 kills, team B scores 17. Overtime required.)

- If the team with more kills has not satisfied the minimum kill requirements at the end of regulation, they will still be victorious if they have 2 more kills than the opponent. A one-kill lead is not sufficient to win if the victory conditions stated above are not met.

- (e.g. team A and B both start 4 players. Team A scores 8 kills, team B scores 9. Neither team wins. If team A had only scored 7 kills, team B would win.)


10.1 - If neither team has won in regulation, a fifteen-minute "sudden death" overtime period will be played, and will begin immediately upon conclusion of the regular time period. If the teams are tied the next kill will indicate the winner of the match. If they are not tied then the team that is in the lead will need 1 kill to win, while the team that was down by 1 kill will need 2 kills to win.

10.2 - If neither team has won in overtime, then the match will be declared a tie.

10.3 - During the playoffs there will still be a 45 minute timer for regular time. In the event of a tie, it will go to a fifteen-minute "sudden death" overtime period as per regular rules. In the event that it is still a tie, or one team has not satisfied the winning conditions, all the players will be moved to a smaller "duel box" and continued until the winning conditions are met as per section 9.

These rules are adaptations of Premier League modified for EGL. A lot of things have been altered but a lot of the main source text is the same or similar. Simply put, no one has written a more comprehensive set of rules, concise and easily understood, or has as much experience to put behind them.
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