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Extreme Games League 2016.
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By Rek
The EGL Prac bot should now be up and running. Below are the quick and dirty directions to get it going.

Teams of 4. Must be on freqs 100 and 200. Someone must type "/!own" to the bot. When teams are ready, the bot op types "/!start" to the bot and the fun begins!

If for any reason you need to stop the game, simply type "/!end".

Other commands:
- /!disown (release bot ownership)
- /!return (allows player to return to game)
- /!sub old:new (subs old player for new player)

Type "/!help *" to bot at any time to see all controls.

Full bot control spitout :
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Bot-EG-EGl> !about                                     display info about core and modules
Bot-EG-EGl> !help                [<cat> | <!cmd> | *]  display categories and commands
Bot-EG-EGl> !version                                   show core/module versions, build date/time, and options
Bot-EG-EGl> !sex                                       have sex with the bot, be gentle
Bot-EG-EGl> !start/!st                                 Start Game.
Bot-EG-EGl> !end/!en                                   Ends the game, prints the starts, shuts off timer.
Bot-EG-EGl> !sub/!su                                   Sub old player for new, usage !sub Old:New
Bot-EG-EGl> !shipc/!sc                                 Change ships limited to 15s after death/sub
Bot-EG-EGl> !burn/!b                                   Burns specified player -partial.
Bot-EG-EGl> !freqs/!fr                                 Changes freqs allowed to be played on.!fr frq1 frq2
Bot-EG-EGl> !squads/!sq                                Usage: !sq squadname:squadname sets squadnames
Bot-EG-EGl> !return                                    allows a player to return to game
Bot-EG-EGl> !own                                       Establishes ownership of the bot.
Bot-EG-EGl> !disown                                    Disowns the bot.
Bot-EG-EGl> !owner                                     Displays the owner of the bot
Bot-EG-EGl> !setplayerscore/!sp                        Sets a player's score, !sp <k> <d> <name> 
Bot-EG-EGl> !setscore/!ss                              Sets game score, !ss <team1score> <team2score>
Bot-EG-EGl> !numout/!no                                Sets number of players out per team, !no <no1> <no2>
Bot-EG-EGl> !timer/!ti                                 Sets time left, !timer <time in minutes>
Bot-EG-EGl> !prac/!pr                                  Announce Prac
Bot-EG-EGl> !lag                 [Player]              Check Player Lag
Bot-EG-EGl> !laghelp                                   Get More Info on lag
Bot-EG-EGl> !limits                                    Get current limits
Bot-EG-EGl> !lchart                                    Lag Chart
Bot-EG-EGl> !specinfo            [player]              Show a player's speclist entry
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By Rek
Arena settings have been updated so that teams are 4v4 with a max death count of 10.

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