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EG Draft League (flagging)

Moderators: Lee, EEL

I have a question, why did the VP numbers get raised when there was already about 40 open vp's already between the teams? Is it because eel only had 1 vp to spare and couldn't bid on anything? cuz this seems like bullshit too.
By Odi
sepp blatter i mean eel has so far done the following

Delayed his own game so he can get 8 players
Changed omega red to cap instead of cab without telling anyone so they can bid on FA's
Raising Vp's to fuck up other GM's

Let's see how this story fucking unfolds.
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I added vp's when nobody had vps to bid, a few days later everyone came out with drops.

No matter who the League OP is there is always little girls that want to cause drama.
I've asked for a drop for Natekrunch who has never squad joined and also never came on chat since season started. I was denied about it but it's okay for world to get dropped and natekrunch. Kinda funny, what a league.
No because the guy won't fking respond to me. How am I supposed to make him???? So I lose out on vp space for the rest of the season if the guy doesn't ever join. Pretty stupid!
By Lacoste
only knew natekrunch was on squad from squadnews lol saw him in games few times...ill ask him next time..but ya against he should be dropped ..unko wasn't on squad chat last team spirit those guys..nyway btw cck im moving to another city I got laptop ill get a proper keyboard before sunday..:) depends on work and game time, 70% chances show up
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