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EG Draft League (flagging)

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Should ratings be redone?

By jdom
With all the complaints going on due to the ratings, and multiple people who want to leave the league because of the horrendous ratings. I believe a poll is necessary for the idiots who are running the league to change their mind.
By poemZX_
the ratings are never gonna be perfect, let the gms decide who is underrated and overrated in the draft, i know im gonna be picking some 6's very early.
By Disturbulance
I have an idea. What if we have 2 ratings per player. One for his skill level and one for the overall value to the team (activity etc). The first could only count towards the freq vp cap while the second counts towards the total team vp cap. Problem solved.
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By GhostBusters
its not that big of a deal jdom if people want to waste there vp picks on a World 7vp let them. Also ive been low vp every time ive played and i love it.
By Ioth
rofl people still cry about vp's?
Still don't understand why everyone crying about me being 7vp, peoples pride getting in the way of everyone having fun.

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