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By Ritzand
been aware of that 2 weeks ago . I don't have personal issue with u either, your just a tool sorry to say. And only brought u up because infamous is terrified of your stupidity
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By Lee
lol would be funny if it turned out infamous was just trolling and forced ritzand to pick random ppl in draft lol.
By Ritzand
He doesn't care and it doesn't help that u have to even every trade and tell whoever is involved in the trades what and what not to do example special kg I said special kg on the market u notified every gm that he can't make Sundays same thing for ragequit u shouldn't be saying anything for example what if I traded someone for yawn or some vet that may or may not play or make matches . who knows it's all up to them in the end if they want to show king and kuppa in Draft what If they don't show . your running your own team your running the league your running trades your talking for others/making decisions for others. sometimes it's a 50/50 chance in a trade I could trade lounger and rage quit get ap and a noob maybe rage quit schedule will change and he will be active for infamous when ap schedule changes and doesn't make a match all season and I'm stuck with a noob so many outcomes to any trade .

infamous has not replied on this forum to agree on this trade.
Therefore, instead of venting, please vent and tell infamous to log into the Extreme Games forums by typing: viewtopic.php?f=306&t=30285 and reply with some kind of "I agree" message.

Even then, based on the 5.7 rule, the League Op may deem this trade unfair and veto the trade completely.

Until then, stop! ... and breath!
Lady Vader is the Judge Judy and execution of this league!
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By stewie
Just burst out laughing in the middle of Statistics after I saw another one of your run-on sentences. The broken and fragmented nature of your sentences suggest desperation? Perhaps it's time you admit defeat.

FYI, it is standard for GM's to discuss players with other GM's before a trade. For example, I tried to trade odb yesterday, but was stopped by someone notifying ritz that odb was ?last seen 5 days ago. Of course I was slightly annoyed, but it's the way draft trades work.
By Ritzand
lol dick riding at its finest get of your mom's tit be home in a bit to figure this all out not venting tell in the truth which hurts u the most cause your a tool
By poemZX_
Ritzand wrote:lol dick riding at its finest get of your mom's tit be home in a bit to figure this all out not venting tell in the truth which hurts u the most cause your a tool
Use some fucking punctuation you inbred trailer trash.
By Ritzand
Didn't know I needed to use punctuation over my phone ull always get run on sentences didn't know forums was a grammar/English class
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