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By Optimal
could be for being with friends but lounger is pretty inactive and so is rq every now and then, ap almost on everyday even tho he doesnt play much, plsu being one of the best players in the zone, seems like an unfair trade
By Ritzand
Either way we both happy would like to thank infamous for doing business and would like to thank groan for not trolling and restarting Draft . no grudges held all gms happy
By Ritzand
It's already approved auto is on chat and there's no vps so it was me and infamous agreeing u can't just not let us trade we waited and did it exactly how we were told which would make whoever says no now abusing
By Ursa
ragequit was picked on the basis of the trade in place, so if both of the gms agreed to it before the draft i don't see any reason why it shouldn't be allowed. (otherwise we can restart the draft :lol:)
By Ritzand
wow u guys need to give your head a shake I didn't waste time being away from my sick family members having operations on their hearts to have a mess of a Draft and than have it restarted than in the end still get fucked over all of you including groan and lady Vader said that we had to do it this way and me and infamous did as u asked another thing don't matter how u guys see the trade we both wanted the trade and infamous doesn't care his squad is complete with this trade and there are no vps so it wouldn't matter midas well bring vps back and start the league over If this trade is denied legit groan and lady Vader both knew that this trade was happening 1 or 2 weeks ago and it's a 1st round pick in Draft no matter who I picked it would be unfair soo trades a trade no reason for veto we both want it and we are both gms u can't make a decision for us especially when we did it on groan and lady Vader terms
By Ritzand
infamous> nice doing business with you auto will be beast on your squad goodluck he agreed to it also said this infamous> did you figure everything out the trade is done correct? And thank you Ursa and the 20 other people who witnessed all this
By stewie
Ritzand wrote: legit groan and lady Vader both knew that this trade was happening 1 or 2 weeks ago
autopilot signed up for league yesterday. how could we have known this was happening 1 or 2 weeks ago? 2 weeks ago squads werent even drafted rofl.
By stewie
5.5 - All trades must be posted and agreed upon by the GM or captain of each team involved in order for it to be considered a valid transaction request.

Infamous never posted, this trade never happened.

5.7 - For any reason what-so-ever, the EGBDL (Draft) coordinator(s) may deny the request of a trade at any point in time. It will be up to the sole discretion of the EGBDL (Draft) coordinator(s) to ensure all trading transactions are as even and fair as possible. Any trade deemed unfair or lop-sided may be cancelled by the coordinator(s).

Even if he did post, LV can veto it whenever she pleases. Stop fretting over a trade in a 2d online spaceship game while your family member is having open heart surgery.
By Ritzand
thing is regardless who my 1st pick was his first pick was me telling him who I wanted " wouldn't matter who I picked what if I picked kuppaja would u guys be saying the same thing or you guys mad I picked autopilot" it wouldn't matter who I picked groan and lady Vader said said it was okay for me and infamous to trade only if we did it this way and we did as you guys requested and your still causing trouble like what the heck" I didn't want rage quit yet I picked him due to our trade we've talked about for the past week soo ??????? I didn't know this league would be this much of a gong show/dick riding frenzy or I wouldn't have even gotten involved and no I ain't asking for my team to be dropped or anything or groan threatening to drop me from gm and give Anderson my team just like he gave Andersons team away to infamous since the start of Draft groan has been unfair so . cut the shit and let's get this league up and running with everyone happy and willing to play
By Ritzand
He already had it and made it has to recover was spending time with him and my family soo and you guys are the one being all anal about it soo figure it out u guys are bum hurt about the trade and trying everything you can to not make it happen
By poemZX_
For the love of god use some punctuation. These run on sentences are making me stupider by the second.
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By Lee
5.7 - For any reason what-so-ever, the EGBDL (Draft) coordinator(s) may deny the request of a trade at any point in time. It will be up to the sole discretion of the EGBDL (Draft) coordinator(s) to ensure all trading transactions are as even and fair as possible. Any trade deemed unfair or lop-sided may be cancelled by the coordinator(s).

fyi, this rule was originally generated by Eura in his quest to keep the teams equal and not allowing vet GMs take advantage of newbie GMs who had no idea what they were doing. i do not recall it being used except for 1-2 cases and in those cases the trade involved player whos activity/condition other GM was no aware of. So if infamous is aware of all the conditions (like ragequit rarely showing to sunday games etc) then i dont see any need to veto this, surely its one of the dumbest trades in EG history, but well what can ya do.
By Optimal
Imo ap is a big upgrade to any team. So this being a trade between two weaker teams will make one of them alot stronger which they surely gonna need. Whoever let ap go is imo pretty foolish but the other team really needs him so imo let this trade happen. Its not like ap is being traded for a newb to one of the top teams
By Ritzand
The only people that seem to have a problem is poem and groan who already have stacked teams. infamous needs lounger it's not that he's dumb or inexperienced it's my first time gming as well soo either way we did Draft based in the trade we talked with groan and lv about so me having first pick u should have been aware it would be someone who is of 8vp or higher . and infamous is 100% okay with all of this soo. what's all the fuss about I talked to lady we will figure this all don't today but thanks ursa Lee and wild bird for being legit
By stewie
I don't have a problem with this trade. Yes, I think the trade is very one sided but it doesn't matter what I think. I'm simply saying that inFamous hasn't even approved of this trade, and if he does (which is only legitimate if he posts in this thread), it is up to LV to approve it. I have zero influence in this trade, it is up to LV and inFamous.
By Ritzand
hasn't replied yet he he was notified 3 times but kept saying what's the point on replying when groan isn't gonna allow it I told him you have the final call so if u see him today let him know once again to approve the trade or you can't do anything until that happens he keeps going to groan . dunno why but he messaged me saying I seen on forums groan is fuking us and not allowing trade but it comes down to you . After Draft yesterday we both came to groan infamous accepted in game but not on here yet I'm sure he has a forum but dunno what he doing when I'm done work it will all be figured out I hope jus checking forums all day until I'm home
By Ritzand
his first pick was gonna be Schwapper if It wasn't for our trade soo? my pick was ap his was rage quit I'm getting some kid named timeaus who is inactive and horrible in game and giving away lounger and rage quit :S
By stewie
Don't understand why you keep bringing up my name ritz when I have 0 influence in approving this trade. I have notified inFamous that it is up to LV to approve this trade and not me. I have nothing to do with this. You have caused way too many headaches ritz and it's only first week of league. Like I've reiterated 10000 times, I have NOTHING to do with this trade.
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