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Extreme Games Base Duel League 2015.

Moderator: stewie

By stewie
Haven't seen you play baseduel once in the past two months. Just in case you make the argument "i alias".

Groan> !stats ****** (your alias)
Bot-EG-Bas> +--------------------+--------+
Bot-EG-Bas> | ****** + Stats +
Bot-EG-Bas> +--------------------+--------+
Bot-EG-Bas> | ELO Rating | 1129 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Max ELO Rating | 1200 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Rated Wins | 1 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Rated Losses | 12 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Pub ELO Rating | 1243 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Max Pub ELO Rating | 1243 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Pub Kills | 20 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Pub Deaths | 12 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Total Kills | 675 |
Bot-EG-Bas> | Total Deaths | 560 |
Bot-EG-Bas> +--------------------+--------+

I'm not drawing attention to your win/loss ratio just the fact that you've only played about 13 baseduels in who knows how long.

Look at all the GM's that were chosen. They are all actively basedueling almost everyday with the exception of Lee, and I have talked to him and he's assured me that he will be alot more active for the league, and given his history I feel it's acceptable to give him a little bit of leeway.
lee gets leeway? LOL
this is fucking embarrassing that stewie just gets to decide whoever plays or not just by his feelings
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