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Who is going to finals?

Situation C
By lv
Situation C

Golfer - 7

Anderson - 6

5150 - 5
Ace Joker - 3
ACE. - 5
Attack Mode - 6
Black - 6
Cyclone - 3
Cyp - 6
hazuki - 3
Herbz - 6
HYU - 6
Ioth - 7
Mercede$ - 6
Lacoste - 6
PeeJay - 6
Phildog - 7
Ritzand - 6
Special KG - 7
sri - 5
Succeed - 6
Vodka - 6
Wagon - 7


GM: Omega Red - 7

BOMBED/lvls - 8
Poem ZX - 7

Azuline - 5
Baptism - 5
Barbar - 5
Bodmeduser - 6
Bought - 3
Caffrey - 5
Camshaft - 5
Chicago - 5
DarkKnight25 - 6
Good Night/Blood Line - 7
Groan - 5
Jerome - 3
Konan - 6
Lounger - 6
MJB - 5
muGGy - 9
Funny - 3
Punishment/Abuser - 6
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By Lee
Looks like we have new format here, Provoke just has to beat both to win league!
By lv
Lee wrote:Looks like we have new format here, Provoke just has to beat both to win league!

ROFL YES Provoke has to beat them both! Snake gets a free ride!! AHHAHAHAHA Oops I fixed the topic. :oops:
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By Lee
Lets see if things get back to normal and predicted final of Snake vs Provoke happens. Snake has managed to turn their bad season around and i think they can be considered favorites here. Situation C is still the biggest surprise package of the league and i am sure they will give hell of a fight and it will be a long game.
By PeeJay
EEL wrote:Both Grid GMs. Snake looks a little stronger but golfer. If golfer has another one of his games he can make any swings look good. omega though lol
Lol always talking shit huh. Golfer is good he doesnt choke but without decent swings he would be put in choking situations don't give us enough credit for holding you so ez.
By Golfer.
Should be a good game - it'll probably last like 3 - 3.5 hours roughly. Who will win?
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By Omega Red
poemZX_ wrote:Im thinking no more then 2 hours.

I really hope not
Code: Select all
|          Winners     Jackpot(   2254576)    Game Time:00h 21m 12s                                   |
|           Name         Squad    W    L  TK   G     R  FL  FK  FS  FD    FT      DT      DG   AT  ATT|
|DarkKnight25    Snake          109  104   2   0  1.02   0   0   0   0     0  241256  251228  117   95|
|poem ZX         Snake           88   99   0   0  0.88   0   0   0   0     0  231666  192616  110   33|
|BLOOD LINE      SNAKE           48    0   4   0 44.00   0   2   2   4   276    2274  165574    5  109|
|Konan           Snake           94  106   3   0  0.85   0   0   0   0     0  251940  205109  118   33|
|lvls            Snake          104   60   0   0  1.70   0   0   0   0     0  160694  234069   67   76|
|Groan           Snake           37    0   5   0 32.00   0   1  13  14   595    6790  123302    4  116|
|muGGy           snAKE           96   76   5   0  1.18   0   0   2   2   221  210820  283346   79   89|
|BOUGHT          snake           33   21   0   0  1.50   0   0   0   0     0   45455   94356   24   14|
|                                           Losers                                                    |
|           Name         Squad    W    L  TK   G     R  FL  FK  FS  FD    FT      DT      DG   AT  ATT|
|black           Situation C     88   59   3   0  1.42   0   0   0   0     0  159972  223710   68  108|
|vodka           Situation C     23    1   4   0  9.50   1   0   1   0   131    3080   81686    5  158|
|PHILDoG         SiTuaTioN C     87  113   0   0  0.76   2   0   2   0    69  280503  223832  123   61|
|Lacoste         Situation C     60  116   1   0  0.50   0   0   0   0     0  307136  154701  142   75|
|anderson        situation c     84  106   3   0  0.76   0   0   0   0     0  278846  190412  116   82|
|Cyp             Situation C     45   36   5   0  1.08   0   0   0   0     0   89565  128207   44  152|
|PeeJay          Situation C     69  113   0   0  0.61   0   0   0   0     0  257445  142308  140   50|
|RITZAND         Situation C     52   66   0   0  0.78   0   0   0   0     0  167851  123071   83   39|
Highest Rated: BLOOD LINE (48/0)
Most Kills: DarkKnight25 (109)
Most Deaths: Lacoste (116)
Most TeamKills: Groan (5)
Most Flags Lost by Deaths: PHILDoG (2)
Most Flags Aquired by Kills: BLOOD LINE (2)
Most Flags Scavanged: Groan (13)
Most Flags Successfully Dropped: Groan (14)
Most Flag Time: Groan (595 Seconds)
Most Kill Points: DarkKnight25 (13047 Points)
Most Koth Points: Groan (1 Koths, 346800 Points)
Most Damage Given: muGGy (283346) w/l:(96/76)
Most Damage Taken: Lacoste (307136) w/l:(60/116)
Most Greens: vodka (212)
Highest Bounty: BLOOD LINE (540)
Most Attaches: Lacoste (142)
Most Attached To: vodka (158)
Final Jackpot: 2.225m Points
By Ioth
Yea we had a terrible game, even before it started.

Golfer wasn't around, but gave instructions on how he wanted the line-up. Obviously not everyone on that list showed, so we had to make a few changes.

Now here was our problem, we had like four people trying to take the position as leader (cyp, peejay, lacoste, and I think anderson). Since they all tried to lead individually and had different plans this didn't work out. They where fighting on chat, prac was allready very unorganised. With a few people (myself included) there where constant changes to line-up before game even began. When the game started, hardly anyone knew what position he was playing.

During game the 'leaders' kept fighting with each other. This soon followed with half of our squad arguing during the game (for example ritzand vs laco battle, but other arguments aswell, this is the one i remember now though).

Start was really bad, we got the base we wanted, but it isn't clear who was gonna temp front. I tried to setup home from spec, and in the time I did, we had allready lost both balls. Then we only had one carrier with one flag. I told him to go to fr and drop, then he got called to centre to get FF, but there was an enemy there aswell, and our carrier died. Fortunatly due to a lagout there where some neuts and we managed to scrape up two flags.

After that it was pretty usual attack/defense. But half of the players in game was more busy chatting and shouting at the rest then actually playing. Then at some point cyp died as fr at 80%, this weakened our defense even more. We ditched nme (30%) to flank home (90%), our flank died quickly. Then our anchor wasted alot of time greening anti before starting a new flank. This gave Snake enough time to take our base easily, and well, defending from 0% isn't much of a challenge.

Would it've been different if golfer where here? Maybe, but no excuses, we blew it completely. Gl to Snake in finals :)
By PeeJay
Being the most respected vet .ioth you should have taken our side and spoken up. everyone was all over the place..sad how one person can single-handedly poison a squad so quickly. Not having a leader figure screwed us. Having an egotistic retard Cough *Lacoste screwed us. I started pract 1 hour early as ive done the past 3-4Games for golfer. I personally msged cyp on skype to log on and help me as we only had 4 players on at the time..aswell as msging ppl on fb like Black to log on. We set up 3 lineup one that Golfer wanted and also the subs since alot of people were logging out or didnt show. We had it under control all we had to do was do our last routine "Baserace" before the match. 10 minutes before the match the Devil logs in and causes havoc. Brainwashes Anderson or succeed as the "Devil" makes his own line up which we already established. He puts himself in and specs the main Def that has kept this defense together all season using the excuse "You've played all 4 games".. Its semis what kind of excuse is that.. Im not one to brag but you can personally ask Golfer after warmup who I personally feel comfortable swinging with which was what we have done all season. What hurt was the fact only one person had me and cyp's back after we stepped up an hour before and followed the lineup that Golfer instructed us, was Black the rest of our team sat there letting a retard run the squad. So me and Cyp made agreement to just give up because we were spec'd due to roster change anways, we were on the way to play League of Legends loll. and let the retard have his fame. but we felt bad for the rest of the team so cyp and I stuck around to watch you guys fail under the commands of a Retard. First time ever we secured a base without any balls especially without Golfer Mfring,1 flag carrier with 2 flags. People started to lag and me and cyp subb'd in she took over MFR without no hesistation as Attack Mode our backup MFR lagged out. The game was embarrassing all the hard work most of us put in to the squad to prove this zone wrong was out the window. Throughout the match all you can see was Ritz and Lacoste rage typing back in fourth and at other squaddies. GG snake we made poem look decent on our worst day which was the most important day .. jk. it was fun,I will never play in the same squad that has Lacoste or Ritz. Our squad has come far SituC has alot of underrated/inactive players. Skill wise we have it attitude wise many of us got some mental issues.

Shout outs-
cyp-awesome character see u on LoL. you can continue yelling at me there
Anderson- impressed me alot thot you sucked cock
Golfer-fuck you for ditching us with the devil. and for recruiting that fagot. other then that your still cool
Special Kg-useless troll but actually decent when trying
ioth-meh for not stepping up..but your still the best
Ritzand- Your never going to become a rapper. In otherhands your rushing has gotten better
wagon-useless this season misses games for Baby shower prizes lol.
attack mode- impressive, who is this guy?
Black- my sw1 m8 from Drauma+ (undefeated) till exhausting 4hr semi chemistry with you as swing but we both pretty inactive and dont give a fuck.
Phildog- always fun attacking with you.
Cyclone-your getting there buddy. One day.
Lacoste- First to be Perm ignored. Die with HIV for wasting a 1-2 months of my life. stay in spec and rage.
Bombed- My boy please beat eel's ass for me. Eel <3
PeeJay out back to hibernation.
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By Lee
this reminds me of my adventures with chewbot in one egdl, unfortunately for you, it happened in semis.
Its really a shame if GM cannot make it to playoffs, usually fcks up squad unless there are really strong caps.
By Ioth
I'm not sure I understand your critizism peejay. During prac i kept telling you and cyp to get it organised, even pointing out how. Then when you all where fighting I didn't get involved as to trying to lead as well and create another entity in the middle of the argument. Instead I stepped up to speclead and set a good example. If you guys all want to fight you can't possibly blame me. I'm not interested in baby sitting a bunch of children.
By Golfer.
It's unfortunate that I had plans that I couldn't rearrange, i tried but couldn't make it happen. I even set up a website with a decent lay out of how things shoulda went but I guess some peoples ego's got in the way ( Lacoste )

We definitely had a higher chance of winning this game without a doubt however it looks like it'll be Snake vs Provoke in finals

Shout out to everyone on Situ C for showin up and rallying up main season! it was a fun league overall and i think we showed a lot of people that we could've won it for sure/had a really good chance

Sorry Lacoste but I wanted to wait till the league was over to say this - you're absolutely pure cancer in its worst of worst forms -10, 000 times worst than cube - Have a good day
By Golfer.
Sorry I actually gotta apologize for that Laco, that was pretty harsh - what I actually meant to say was there's a lot of room for improvement for you. As a previous squad leader there's definitely a few things u could do to improve urself - yet again, sorry for coming off so hard
By Lacoste
ur so smart, u could have edited the msg
i dont rly care, 2 mins before game line up macro is barely in

there was a big misunderstanding that day, anderson is captain and sent a line up in, Cyp did too 15 mins ago, i said Ande lineup look good, Cyp started saying she couldnt post again the lineup she sent 20 mins ago and said she going off, so did peejay

that fucked up us good, blame it all on me? sure man whatever , speclead 3 games in arow get 0 play time, its egdl not egfl, dont let same 7 players play all the time in my opinion, anyway i should have speclead..terrible shit <get balls> spammed at start instead of >>help %$tickname at ball now, etc

rofl a cancer, sure man, im the guy who wants to make the squad active N play week days to be prepared for week ends, but nyway w.e floats ur boat big man. learn to answer your ?msgs

Golfer> you're absolutely pure cancer in its worst of worst forms -10, 000 times worst than cube - Have a good day

F. U Ingrat bastard. Specleaded like hell 3 games straight for douchebags attitude like ritzand
By Golfer.
0 play time? Just for the record i actually started u 2 games in a row in which you got quite a bit of playing time, i dunno how u forgot
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