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By Lee
Main season:
Division A:

1. Blood 10 7-0-3 42min 22
2. Impurity 10 6-1-3 77min 19
3. Exalt 10 4-4-2 49min 13
4. Trespass 10 2-3-5 85min 9
5. Elitestar 10 2-5-3 53min 7

Rank. Team Games played W-L-T av.time points

Division B:
1. Trespasser 10 8-2-0 56min 25
2. Arboreal 10 5-4-1 35min 16
3. Smooth Op 10 4-5-1 63min 13
4. Vicious 10 1-6-3 84min 6
5. Attack 5 0-4-1 91min 1

Rank. Team Games played W-L-T av.time points

Win: 3 points
Division A team win vs Division B team : 2 points
Division B team win vs Division A team: 4 points
Tie: 1 point

Top 4 from Division A reach playoffs
Top 2 from Division B reach playoffs

Secured playoff spot


Exalt vs Arboreal - Exalt wins
Trespass vs Trespasser - Trespass wins


Blood vs Trespass - Blood wins in 2 games
Impurity vs Exalt - Exalt wins in 2 games
Blood vs Exalt - Blood wins 2-1

Blood EGFL8 champion
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By Lee
notice: as attack-rampage has dissolved, all the teams who are yet to face them get a default win (3 points for low div, 2 points for top div team) with average time not changed. teams who have already met them will keep the points they got against them aswell as keep the av time.
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By Lee
final main season standings
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