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Who will win?

Smash Trash
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Smash Trash

GM: Cyp (7 VP)
Captain: Bacon(9 VP)
Finite(7 VP)
trannysaurus rex(7 VP)
vicerate(7 VP)
oozie(7 VP)
Tanke(7 VP)
bOOgyman(7 VP)
YM(6 VP)
Mesmerizing(5 VP)
aGGraVaTe(2 VP)
fermata(2 VP)
Eren(6 VP)
Luxe(5 VP)
Smoking baby(6 VP)
camal(6 VP)
Diakka(4 VP)
5150(5 VP)
Unlimited(7 VP)
Nattmackan(6 VP)
Diazepam(5 VP)
17.5 (7 VP)
the_arsonists (1 VP)
argon (7 vp)
sri (4 vp)
tj hazuki(5 VP)
Dirge(4 VP)
Total: 156 VP


GM: Wildbird(7 VP)
Hawkeye(9 VP) - Captain
renowned(7 VP)
Taunt(7 VP)
cust(7 VP)
Adammo(7 VP)
Rambo(7 VP)
Odi(7 VP)
Unplug(7 VP)
h0st(7 VP)
Mr Shoe(7 VP)
Mercede$(6 VP)
Boknows(6 VP)
splatter(5 VP)
FranKllr(4 VP)
Unforsaken(3 VP)
Daman24/7(3 VP)
Jeromes(3 VP)
Hard(3 VP)
field(2 VP)
chicken (7 VP)
Termi(7 VP)
Flynt(5 VP)
Karth(8 VP)
Total: 155 VP

NOTE: Rosters and VPs might be changed after those posts are made, to see accured rosters check roster forum!
great opportunity for 2 squads who havent performed that well lately, to turn around their season. Another loss for either side and its not looking that bright anymore.
game day getting close. i hope we get a good show, and i hope the other team does too. We been kinda struggling lately we people showing up, but i guess some people just can't afford to give up time for this game on a sunday. but its all good, we will survive and destroy everyone eventually
Code: Select all
Opposing team won (122100 points given)
|          Winners     Jackpot(    122100)    Game Time:00h 07m 00s                                   |
|           Name         Squad    W    L  TK   G     R  FL  FK  FS  FD    FT      DT      DG   AT  ATT|
|oozie           Smash Trash      3    1   0   0  1.50   6  15   6  15   248    1918    9901    3    2|
Highest Rated: oozie (3/1)
Most Kills: oozie (3)
Most Deaths: oozie (1)
Most Flags Lost by Deaths: oozie (6)
Most Flags Aquired by Kills: oozie (15)
Most Flags Scavanged: oozie (6)
Most Flags Successfully Dropped: oozie (15)
Most Flag Time: oozie (248 Seconds)
Most Kill Points: oozie (1236 Points)
Most Koth Points: oozie (1 Koths, 90000 Points)
Most Damage Given: oozie (9901) w/l:(3/1)
Most Damage Taken: oozie (1918) w/l:(3/1)
Most Greens: oozie (27)
Highest Bounty: oozie (35)
Most Attaches: oozie (3)
Most Attached To: oozie (2)
Final Jackpot: 0.12m Points
Rofl at this.
Nah it was like 7 or 8v3 and then everyone specced on smash trash when other team specced.

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