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Moderators: Lee, s_fcdb, Res Dog

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By Lee
Head Coordinator - Lee
Co-Head Coordinator - resevoir dog
Head Operator/Developer - s_fcdb
Operator/Developer - HYU
Operator/Developer - Unlimited
Operator/Developer - black
Operator/Developer - Diazepam
Operator/Developer - Dbz
Operator/Developer - Mangled
Operator/Developer - PeeJay
Operator/Developer - Muggy
Operator/Developer - Vicerate
Operator/Developer - poem ZX
Operator/Developer - Finite
Operator/Developer - konii

Staff structure will be updated
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By Lee
resevoir dog will be the main coordinator for egfdl this season
I’m back!!!!!!!!!

@Wormhole, why you talkin smack on Lacoste?

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