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Extreme Games Flagging Draft League 2012

Moderators: Lee, s_fcdb, Res Dog

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By Lee
Thanks for everyone involved in this league, im pretty glad its over and im very glad it ended as it did, was probably the league with most ref-fckups as well as most bad shows from teams, but at the same time, it also included 2 one of the longest games in egdl history (i can only recall Im Pretty! semifinal game which lasted close to 4 hours, maybe there have been others).

Main reason behind this is probably the fact that it was the first season without thors/ports, they tend to shorten games a bit (hi dazz!). Also azela/mci/eel all decided to play their games with ultradefensive tactics for most of part, including full defense every time nme got over 80 or so. Must have been frustrating for Bombed at least to see every time he got deep, his other attackers called home lol.

Here are my nominees for best players in each category, feel free to comment:

Best GM - Azela (went after very mixed squad with no real squad backround, chose excellent 9vps (pzz) and low vps and bunch of very good and versatile 6-7vp players. Apart from maybe drauma+, it was one of the most active squads for entire league and came around great in playoffs)

Best anchor - aristocracy (Azela played great aswell, apart from freaking out at times and afking in finals), stable and great anchor with or without ball, for 7vp one of the best picks

Best swing - dbz (So Brave didnt have him in main season and ended up having very mixed results, he showed to both playoff games and was stable and strong, key player for winning team)

Best attacker - bombed (constant threat even without sleeping for 24h, was used as attacker for most of season and always delivered the goods)

Best flex - blahhy. (dude was amazing entire league, killmachine and made difference wherever he was sent)

I would like to end my bragging topic with special shoutout for my special team:


GM - Azela - was not that much involved in leading in playoffs, but played his role as fr anchor great entire season. Think he only choked once, in the first game of the season. Good with or without balls. Did have some meltdowns during the games, but managed to pick himself up. Picked overall great team, but really should have gotten more anchors

Bombed - really great attacker, was a joy playing with him, stable and dangerous nomatter the circumstances

Lee - yea only doublechamp this year, not bad for the most overrated 9vp. Cry about it bitches, dont expect anything less next season.

what a nice selection Azela managed to get
dbz - best swing hands down, stable, calm, home was always under control with him

poem zx - a devil of a player, one of the most vocal players on squad, always playing with big heart and big emotions, great aggressive swing, bad flank anchor rofl

dtiss - unfortunately he didnt show for final, but whenever he did play, he filled his role perfectly, was key player in semis, always at top level

femme - brought the much needed lag factor to the team and played really well whenever used, despite being in the middle of night for her, much more active when i expected her to be

delete - great allaround player, showed to more games when i hoped for and was key player in every single one of them. Not as active in EG anymore, but still dangerous

spike - im so glad he got out of retirement and in later phases of league already showed glimpses of his good old style. A pain in the ass for opposition as never uses same ship for more then 2-3 deaths, was one of the best picks of the season as he was never expected to really start playing

ironstrike/ocb - inactives, WTF


wiggly - what a great underrated player, turned out to be the best anchor for us in the end, had so much fun attacking with him in all games and he was the player i late la'd to get the base in final, great cloaker and allaround player

somni - another surprise package for me. Both him and wiggly deserved to be 7vps actually, played really well, nice lag packed with versatile skills

harland/cotton/mattyoung/anne - all too inactive or rusty, but they did have their impact on games and were very helpful in organizing spec whenever they showed

Low VPS:
Konan (5vp) - was a starter for most of season, but played less part in finals, almost felt like he got tired during the league and had stamina issues in those extremely long semifinal and final game. In any case, definitely underrated at 5vp, great aggressive player

Amph (4vp) - Another surprisepackage for me, was pushed into unknown waters and used as nme anchor as well as rusher. Played like 6vp for most of season, great pick

Leap (3vp) - Probably one of the most underrated players in this league. He really stepped it up in finals, played like a true 7vp, awsome pick for the team and one of the reasons we won.

laserman/slum/sinep/project virus/xdeadkillerx/skill.hunter/zeebu - were inactive for most of season and didnt contribute much, we did manage to play zeebu in finals though :) THANKS KACE

and finally:
kace - appeared for last 2 matches for us, although officially dropped earlier in the season, speclead for both semis and finals, did some fckups kace-way, but eventually pulled it off. Thanx for help mate!
By Toretto
Lol kace-way

No excuses. Although I'm not officially part of so brave, i earned that ring :p

I am not sure of the rest of the season, but so brave rocked the last two games. Last weeks game was my first weekend back to eg and i didn't know how much spec control i had. This week i knew, but vps were killing me.
By Wiggly&Jiggly
GG So Brave. One of the better if not best times I've had playing EG. Azela put together a team that flowed well with each other and played with heart. We wanted to win and we fought for it.

I enjoyed rushing with bombed (sexy), lee (thanks for throwing in some leadership skills and tactics, helped us out greatly), poem_zx (who is beast at seeing ground-gaining LAs and taking them), spike (crazy dude, very versatile like lee said, gg spike), konan, and femme.

Amph/Leap (both underrated), I can see you two becoming great anchors. Practice and experience will only make you guys more of a threat.

Azela, great mfring. Thanks for choosing me in the draft and being a very active GM.

and a special shoutout to kace for specleading finals. Thanks!

Once again I very much enjoyed this league and would be happy to play again with these guys.
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By Omega Red
congrats to So Brave and Azela. props. high fives all around. low 6 to combo for going to a birthday party
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