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Extreme Games Flagging Draft League 2012

Moderators: Lee, s_fcdb, Res Dog

By PeeJay
LOL Soren are mentally retarded. How was i a coward i had no time in the world to ref. 1st off as i said "Im glad i didn't ref cus i would have done the same" how does that even fall into your accusations. Seems to me your looking a another scape goat to blame. You want to blame someone blame your self for picking useless refs (excluding Hyu and other reliable refs) and unorganized bots+roster problems ect., blame yourself for not properly training refs and your miscommunications about the "FINAL" Rules. Blame res dog for rage quitting on this stressful league. Blame whom ever made the Top seeds gets base+balls shitty rule. We have been friends for a very long time and you put me on blast like this. I stopped reffing because every-time i would ref and had a match 2 hours or so i cant even get a sub other than hyu/Finite when there were other refs online. As a result i would miss practice even my spot. You picked retarded inactive refs and not even that, most some refs are even on the same fucking team. Note to Self: Never apply for ref.. Instead of a thank you, you get Fucks you's. So Fuck you soren and keep my name out your mouth -Thanks.
rip EG

One card reading please.

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