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Extreme Games Flagging Draft League 2012

Moderators: Lee, s_fcdb, Res Dog

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By Lee
The long and difficult main season is over and we have seen both Melon Mashers and Vires dropping out, while Drauma+ and Zombie taking the top 2 spots and direct passage to semifinals. Lets take a closer look on how the quarterfinal teams match up and what we can predict to happen:

Smash Trash vs Wrecktum
Smash Trash has enjoyed a very versatile main season. After starting it strongly with Bacon dominating over Bossy, they hit a low soon into the season, losing 3 games in a row and after week 4, majority of people were thinking they were gonna join Melon Mashers on their road out of playoffs. But Cyp managed to pull her squad around and Smash has now won 3 games in a row and is looking to be one of the most in-form squads in the league. Perhaps a surprise win vs Zombie confirms it even more, Smash Trash will be difficult opponent for anyone to overcome.
ST strength lies in their very strong 7vp presence. Bacon is the ultimate star of the show, but even without him showing, they choices Cyp has are very strong. Cyp, tranny, vicerate, oozie, tanke, boogyman, unlimited, 17.5, argon, black boy are all possible starters, depending on what the team needs, while mezmerizing at 5vp has been used as the low vp with several others, strong 6vps like smoking baby or eren bring even more to the table.
The biggest issue Smash Trash has faced over the season has been inactivity, they even lost a few games due to no-shows. Lets see if quarterfinals are enough to motivate the team to show up and give their best.

Wrecktum has had completely oppositite season vs Smash Trash. Going very strong in the beginning, their last win now actually comes from week 4, when they did beat Smash Trash in a quick game. 3 weeks of losses show that not all is correct in odbs team. Perhaps the only encouraging thing they have now, is the fact, that they have beaten Smash Trash and that 2 out of last 3 wins for ST, have been due to noshows from opponents.
Unlike ST, which has pretty much only bacon as a star player, Wrecktum has several hot-shots on their squad, including 9vps annihilation and zeker, 8vps dazz and kuppaaja and many 7vp players like ioth, odb, bugs, monty, bung!, moggy and others. In fact, wrecktum does look to be one of the strongest squads in the league, if you just take a look at rosters. IN reality, their performances been poor and they have also often suffered from poor shows. Turtle420 has been their main low vp and he is a low vp in its true meaning (121-292 rec for instance vs So Brave). Wrecktum will have issues playing their top guns and their midtier section does not have many active players who could be used instead of using low vp.

Verdict: Smash trash looks to have all opportunities to take down Wrecktum based on their winning run, they are favourites
Prediction: Wrecktum has a good show and will take this

vs So Brave
Bossy has been pretty dissapointing this season, they have struggled with good opposition entire league and we are yet to see the full potential of this squad, which was in the beginning of the league predicted to be one of the biggest favourites. Saying that, we must realize that out of last 5 games, they have actually won 4, with only exception being loss to Drauma+. They have also beaten So Brave in game between those squads and should be confident enough to take down So Brave again in this quarterfinal match. Bossy has a very strong core of Trance, sponger, kute, scan, in love, s_fcdb, h4b and also light, but quite often their top names, mainly sponger, kute as well as resevoir dog for example havent showed. Their subs are not that good and this has shown in games vs strong opposition. Another issue they have is with anchoring. With res dog inactive, in love is pretty much the only stable anchor and nme anchor position is usually played by players not so used to it. Still, the players are there who can bring the glory and its all up to them to show their full potential now.

So Brave has had very similar season with Bossy with similar issues. There have been perhaps 2 games, wins vs Zombie and Wrecktum, where majority of the top roster have shown for So Brave and i can only hope this continues in playoffs. In rest of the games, the wins and losses have come mainly down to good or bad shows for So Brave or opponent. Unlike rest of quarterfinalists, So Brave hasnt been really on a streak of wins or losses, they have been in the middle of table entire season and their 5th position also shows that they didnt enjoy the best of main seasons.
So Brave has pretty solid lineup on paper, 9vps Bombed and Lee, low vp selection of Konan, Amph and Leap with strong 6-7vp players like azela, dtiss, delete, poem zx, spike, dbz, femme, somni, harland, wiggly and others. With a good show, this team is hard to beat. They do have 1 big issue, similar to Bossy. They really lack proper anchors apart from Azela and while low vp anchors are getting better over the season, they are still the potential weakness of this team.

Verdict: Based on previous game between squads and strong performance at the end of season, Bossy seem to be favourites
Prediction: So Brave will continue on their good shape after beating Wrecktum. Sponger will be still lost and drunk and bossy will lose.
By s_fcdb
Good read!

Your prediction on So Brave vs BOSSY will be wrong tho, i will show my leading skills for once and bring BOSSY victory!
ROFL. You didn't mention Nao as the Champ of Wrecktum..
rip EG

One card reading please.

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