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Extreme Games Flagging Draft League 2012

Moderators: Lee, s_fcdb, Res Dog

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By Lee
GMs and Refs please pay attention to those:

6.5 - The highest seed in each playoff week will get to decide what time they want to play their game at. This is their reward for being the top seed. The next highest will get to choose second, and so on. (EGFDL - See Rule 6.9)

6.6 - The higher seed in each playoff game also gets to choose what base they want to use for the game (home-base advantage). Before the game begins, the ref will determine what base the higher seed wants, and will warp a player of their choice to the front of their base. This is their reward for being the higher seed. (EGFDL - See Rule 6.9)

6.7 - There are no time limits in playoff games. The first team to successfully drop all 20 flags is the winner.

6.9 means those rules dont apply for final game.
First Azela chickens out of playing vs Drauma+, now he's chickening out of playing in playoffs? Rofl. Azela you can borrow my shovel, let me know when you're done with it.
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By Lee
These rules have always been part of EG(F)DL and will be also in this one. The biggest reason for this is to give teams extra motivation in fighting for final main season standing spots and to encourage them also to show in last weeks of season when playoff passage is clear already.
Its really teams own fault if they are down in the ranks.
rip EG

One card reading please.

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