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Extreme Games Flagging Draft League 2012

Moderators: Lee, s_fcdb, Res Dog

By blahhy
After the hyped up words of Azela saying he's going to down us in this game of the week. He goes MIA even though he was present and online. Let's see what some of the Drauma's had to say about his action or did they even have anything to say about him?

First thing first. MCS got his first start and he heroed nme base! Unfreaking believable! Hail the McKing.

Quotes from Drauma:

Blahhy> Azela failed to show to his own team's game against Drauma+ despite being online and active.

Darkknight25> Blahhy liked how i dominated enemy base with one hand!

RaeRae> butt soup.

(TheCript)> execution

KESS> Mcs is our best player.

PeeJay> ocne a upon a time. tc and pj came in and granted mcs unicorn horn and magical powers

McS> this is the moment ive been waiting for all season
McS> in fact its 100x better cuz i never thought i would mcsnipe nme anch to take the base
McS> i just wanted 1 win with the team
McS> but this is way better than i couldve ever asked for
McS> thank you blahhy

(black)>The wwill to win. stoner nation

(mci)>for QS i'll say it aEZela down, No more holding on to his 1 win ever against me. Deuce Lee down aswell

Date Rape> I hate you blahhy.

QS> I'm still at work but DAM, i skipped my burritos hearing u guys won azela and lee
Mcs taking credit for someone else's snipe. GG.
By Golfer.
blahhy wrote: McS> in fact its 100x better cuz i never thought i would mcsnipe nme anch to take the base
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