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By RaeRae
Hey Guys,
Per that other thread, I said that the owners and sysops were in a conversation about the future of EG. Well here it is!

NO, we are not going to merge with Trench Wars. FC and qan had talked and both came to the same realization that it would not be in EG's best interests to be a side arena to TW. Just as many zones before them when merged, the side zone dies out rather quickly. Even with TW's staff and automation, it would eventually be forgotten much faster than it would than its own zone. We do welcome any TW staff that may want to help with EG if willing and thank them for their interest in the zone during past discussions.

So how are we changing EG ?

We have four main goals for EG right now.
1. Keep public arena activity as the main focus
2. Make it as player run as much as possible
3. Make competition as automated by the system as possible
4. Create a community that is willing to help EG and expect nothing in return other than seeing EG thrive.

FC is currently working on a bot that will automate the gameplay of EG, similar to what TW currently does. All games, BD, Duel and Leagues will be player ran through this bot. Additionally, the bot will also have a queuing system.

Here's a rundown of how the bot will work via FC:
The system is a match making system that uses ELO, similar to baseduel. The only difference is that players/teams will no longer be able to !challenge another team. All matches will be determined by the system via of a queue that the teams are going to have to !queue for.

Within the system, you can define the type of duels that it does. Duel types such as, 1 vs 1 Duel, 2 vs 2 Duel, 2 vs 2 BaseDuel, etc…. with a list of defined bases for those duel types.

Each duel type that you define will also allow you to have a StartDate and a EndDate period for which the system will allow you to !queue for. There will be no StartDate or EndDate needed for those non-league type of duels.

So you will be able to define say a duel type for 3 vs 3 BaseDuel Season 1 starting 7/1/2018 and ending at 8/1/2018

Then during this period, players can form any different combination of teams to compete for the highest rating for that unique team, and at the end of that period, we will pick top 4 teams to compete for championship title

And that is pretty much, for those “casual” duel types, we can maybe do a weekly reward of something, but gives no title.

For the new bot you are allowed to make different teams with different combination of players to compete for the highest rating that you can possibly achieve

We've already uploaded a new pub map courtesy of 1L. You will see a variety of BD bases, much are from the old BD arena. Be sure to thank him for this if you see him!

We've also made some updates to the website and forum, and we're working with some bots in Discord to help connect players to the game.

If you have any questions, want to help out or general inquiries, let us know below. And just remember, if you're overly rude to somebody volunteering their time, they aren't going to want to help you out. Thanks!
By DuppaCosatnmeattach
Asking God in Heaven for a resurrection, I miss this Game with all it's old vets

Go YAWN, Combo and my favorite, Inzo!
<3 all EG players of All Time M3 <3

Jesus is the Ressurection and the Life!
Book of John in Bible
just wait and See ;-)
By Glyde1
Seems you guys were wrong on the zone being forgotten quicker if you gave tw the settings .
By JDoe
So why did FC bother taking this on, seems like there was no obvious intention to keep it going. Maybe he should just pass ownership to someone who won't treat it like his personal testing ground to stoke his ego for something that he for all intents and purposes killed off. Doubt he will ever make an attempt to bring it back from the dead.



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