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By RaeRae
We've been getting this question throughout the years and thought, hey let's finally write this down. Here's how to play SS on Mac Products:

  1. Go to the website > Downloads > Game Clients > Download for Mac
    or click here: ... %20Clients
    Download Steam for mac and install Subspace Continuum and run on that platform
    Game link:
  2. Download and install the game as prompted
Configuring Settings
  • You may have to play with the resolution/windowed settings to get it working correctly and to your liking
  • If you want to still have chat pop-out while in window mode, go to the game's main menu (before you enter zone), click on View> Option> Chat> Chat Window Option> 'Always Show'.
  • Be sure to look at your key settings and change as needed. Some default features might not work as planned due to the difference in Windows and Apple keys.


Coming Soon

Known Bugs/Fixes
  • I can't alt-tab!
    - Make the resolution smaller than your screen and play on windowed to be able to Alt-Tab out of game.
By DaZZ!
FYI: The instructions for Mac did not work for me or weren't exactly 'step-by-step'. That's because the support for some X11 thingy in newer versions of OS is disabled.
By Cust
DaZZ! wrote:
July 21st, 2017, 11:37 am
FYI: The instructions for Mac did not work for me or weren't exactly 'step-by-step'. That's because the support for some X11 thingy in newer versions of OS is disabled.

Not sure which problem you're referring to, but there is possibly two from my memory of getting it set up.

1) old website, but point 3 still stands : XQuartz provides X11 support that is no longer native -

2) There used to be an OS X security feature that was put in somewhere around mountain lion, and awhile ago I had to disable it to get it to run (or update wineskin) as described here - ... n-Mac-OS-X

Point 2 may be obsolete as of now, depending on if the executable thats being linked to in OP was updated or not.
By RaeRae
Thank you Cust! I have a Mac but it's old as fuck, so I don't think it'll throw the same errors. I'll read through these links and add relevant information. Dazz if anything works from those links let me know. Most of this info is from other people anyway and the more the merrier. This thread will forever be growing.
By Hydrange
Although, I'm not sure if this problem is still prevalent anymore, but I ran into issues with running Continuum when I updated to El Capitan back in the day (If I remember correctly I think some security setting had to be disabled). I'll leave steps in case it might help.

These are the steps I followed:
1. Restart computer, and while its rebooting hold down COMMAND - R. This will let it boot into recovery mode.
2. Then after it has loaded, go to the top menu bar and click Utilities > Terminal.
3. In the terminal (the black box that says bash). Type csrutil disable and hit enter.
4. Then just restart as normally and Continuum should be working.

I'm not sure how helpful this is but I have not run into any problems since.

On another note:
If you have SS on full screen you can press Command + Enter to minimize/maximize (does not work for windowed mode).

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