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By RaeRae
In case you guys haven't seen my posts in other threads, obviously the forum has been changing around a lot.

We had to upgrade the forum for new users to be able to register, as there was a bug preventing them from doing so.

Once that update happened, our theme we were using broke the site. It also broke the "recent posts" sidebar that we all came to know and love.

Because this update is so new, a lot of the developers that created the themes and recent posts modules have not updated them for this new version. Just like EG, they're doing it for free and the community is dwindling. Thankfully, the dev for the recent posts did come out with a updated version, but it currently sits at the top (even though it's set to be a sidebar). So it's a little bugged, but overall is working normally.

I'm going to be messing around with the overall looks, as well as trying to bring the sidebar back. Please be patient! It may be looking real crazy until the styling is done, but it'll still be a work in progress until then.

By Ioth
I'm all ready happy with the current state, thanks Rae!

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